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this tradition will continue, they are arranging for next year’s trip.(Original title: English Romantic old couple playing insisted repeat business year after year after 50 WASHINGTON (intern reporter Yang Jing Cui Ting) accidentally lost an autistic boy looking microblogging users attracted widespread attention, and was a lot of forwards. Yesterday, a real-name authentication is “Huazhong University of Science Teacher” netizens release micro-Bo said, lost boy has been found. The reporter learned that the child is in the July 25 police station received by parents from WIT home.Rui-Rui lost boy 14 years old, July 21, Rui-Rui and parents came together Huazhong University of Science and Technology,doudoune moncler pas cher, visit my grandfather in this teaching. 16:00 the same day more, just when Rui-Rui mother took a walk in the campus, but the children in the school library door with his mother accidentally lost. Rui-Rui think with severe autism, a man suddenly anxious bruised and battered. They found the dark near the Branch did not find traces of Rui-Rui, had reported the matter to the Commissioner Hill police station and posted throughout the campus missing person.The discovery of the missing person after this, many users have released it, and hope to have insider can provide clues to the child’s family. A few days ago,christian louboutin pas cher, microblogging related content on the Internet is a lot of forwards, attracted the attention of many users.In the morning of the 25th, Rui-Rui’s grandfather received a call from the police station WIT,giuseppe zanotti, said Rui-Rui found. After hearing the news, Rui-Rui’s family was ecstatic and immediately rushed to pick up their kids home WIT. Because Rui-Rui not speak, out of the four days and four nights is how to spend the family is unknown. According to police reports.

Rui-Rui first was sent to an unknown good Samaritans Qiaokou social welfare. Due to the orphanage at full strength, he was removed to the WIT police station.Rui-Rui’s family introduction, Rui-Rui 1-year-old was diagnosed with severe autism for a long time, 13 years ago,hogan, the family everything possible for his treatment,tiffany, but to no avail. Rui-Rui previously lost four times, but this time lost the longest.WASHINGTON the robbery occurred in the two hours before the opening ceremony of the World Cup. At 0:00 on June 13 just after 10 minutes,hollister abercrombie, Mike Xiasha girl walking in the road near the University of Zhejiang Industry and Commerce was robbed.After supper that night Mike came home, she rented accommodation next Sha Jinsha university district. Road in the vicinity of the 25th,basket zanotti, a big hand suddenly covered her mouth from behind Mike. “Do not call!” A vicious voice instead of the phone’s music. Subsequently.

Mike also came a man in front, holding a fruit knife, “Do not call! … Called on” the other shook fruit knife. Man snatched the phone on her right hand, grabbed the collapse in the shoulder bag,hogan rebel, hemp slip from the bag pulls out 50 yuan in cash, threw the bag back to Mike, and his associates ran south along the road on the 25th .Mike Kuangpao returned it all the way, weeping by the phone to dial 110. In addition to a gray coat color is a white, Mike can only tell police: “! Not very tall, speak Mandarin,bracciale tiffany, other do not remember.”June 13 morning, Poplar Road police station along the 25th-intensive investigation, xiasha Public Security Bureau police officers watched the video group 30G video data, found the trajectory of the robbers.They go to Internet cafes to play in a circle, around 3:00 near the Sands returns universities, looking for a quick Jiudiankaifang watching the World Cup. 6:00 and more.

the police initially identified, Longshou villagers Liu possession homemade explosives caused the explosion. At present, the suspect Liu has been under criminal detention.Center of the explosion forming one meter deep pitIncident Longshou Huangling about 9 km away from the village,hollister online, located next to the 210 National Road. Yesterday morning, the explosion of the Liu family has become a ruin,zanotti, a few temporary road bungalow into a pile of rubble next to Ryu uncle’s house was Zhata. Location where the center of the explosion, the formation of a 1 meter deep pit,abercrombie pas cher, pulled around the cordon.”I had just finished eating soon, suddenly heard a loud noise,abercrombie, followed by a few windows on the broken glass.” Party secretary Songxin Qing Liu home away from home with the explosion of tens of meters,tiffany orecchini, heard a loud noise After Songxin Qing heard hurried past.

Ai Cliffs resort town, they also look forward to this romantic tradition continued into the next generation.This year 86-year-old Raymond (Raymond Roddis) and 85-year-old wife, Wei Rui (Very Roddis), two in the 1950s, the town had a trip to Ives was Weirui by the local beaches and beautiful sunshine scenery attract tell Raymond hopes to re-Pro here. Because of this sentence, Raymond every summer will be with his wife to the “old place” vacation two weeks.They recently celebrated diamond wedding, although their physical condition deteriorated, not the same as a young man, walking the beach and to the bar pastime, but they can through thick and thin for 60 years, even the old guys with their parents, now get married ,abercrombie & fitch, both old pregnant comfort. Their son is now with his wife and children but also with their parents come back the old way.

they take the subway to go first class passenger Jiubao center,hollister outlet, transfer to the Jiande.June 13 at 12:00 pm, two suspects were arrested Jiande police.Two suspects,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, one was born in 1997 in a small thank Jiande people, one is born in 1993 in Anhui Ji Xiao Zhu. In May this year, and together they xiasha workers, just met; early June, a small thank Jiande ready to return to work,hollister kids, and called on the Xiaozhu. Xiao Zhu proposed that “fishing” a go.Chen Lei told reporters correspondent Wu Wenjun(Original title: girl with a knife robbed finished watching them open houYan’an China Daily News (reporter Liu Xiaojun Zhao Xiongtao) September 5, the first village Huangling Town Bridge Ryuichi houses exploded, killing 13 people injured. Yesterday.