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we recommend should implement the “Outline” to start,doudoune parajumpers, make an effort to create a national tourism and leisure in awareness,hollister online, strengthen the government’s public service functions of tourism, study and formulate measures for the implementation of paid leave system, etc., although in 2020 the basic implementation of paid annual leave system There are more difficult, but this work should always move forward. At the same time, we also recommend some conditional regions,hollister roma est, industries,pjs doudoune, enterprises and other feasible way to develop some different categories according to the actual situation, and jointly promote the work.Reporter: What is your next step to consider how to promote the implementation of the national tourism and leisure?Shao Qiwei: “outline” focused on the views of various aspects of the community and the relevant departments,hogan online, with extensive and representative, largely representing the interests of the demands of the masses. However, the national tourism and leisure system construction is a complex and huge project requires all levels of government,louboutin homme pas cher, the relevant departments, relevant industries and every citizen to have a positive action,barbour paris, together, to do his duty,woolrich uomo, and jointly promote. National Development and Reform Commission and the National Tourism Bureau is responsible for the “outline” of the organization and coordination and supervision and inspection work. Next,basket louboutin femme, we will and Reform Commission and other relevant one, one must strengthen propaganda, training and enhancement of national tourism and leisure awareness,giuseppe zanotti, improve national tourism and leisure participation. Second, we must implement the division of responsibilities,woolrich italia, combining the functions of various departments.

recreation and development, and production of leisure opposition, popular culture has not yet formed the concept of leisure, tourism and leisure national consciousness has not yet become universal. Second,hollister shop online, the employer,hogan rebel, especially some companies lack the power to promote the paid leave. In the case of the current labor market is relatively oversupply, workers require leave entitlements, it may directly affect employment. Third, the geographical area of � ur country great, uneven regional development, industry classification and very thin, the situation is different,louboutins, the implementation of paid leave is objectively there is a step by step process. For this reason.

researchers propose ways to implement the “Outline” division program, the work and the gradual implementation of measures to specific industry sectors,tiffany outlet, while the active role of trade unions, the Communist Youth League,barbour paris, women’s federations and other mass organizations and related industry associations actively promote summarize recent years,outlet hogan, Guangdong, Shandong, Zhejiang and other places first to promote national tourism and leisure experience, mobilize the enthusiasm to jointly promote national tourism and leisure development. Third, we must strengthen supervision and inspection, periodic inspection “outline” the division of implementation, urged the implementation of the supporting policies and measures,woolrich parka uomo, especially for strengthening the supervision of the hot issues of particular concern to the community, to create better conditions for the extensive mass tourism and leisure activities.Xinhua Nanchang, September 30 power (“Xinhua Viewpoint” reporter Guo Yuanming, Chen Chun Park, Hujin Wu Cheng Di) “Eleventh” holiday season, the country will celebrate public transportation and consumption boom.