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since July 2011, Ministry of Public Security to request: once abducted children rescue,doudoune pjs, were sent to the civil affairs department of the orphanage placement shall continue to raise the buyer. Ministry of Public Security crackdown to do the main Renchen Shi Drainage has said,nike air max 1, this is designed to give buyers’ life and wealth “,,moncler pas cher, suggesting that the criminal acts of abducted children to buy zero tolerance, eliminate buyer’s market.However,,abercrombie soldes, the operational level, this place is not the way to implement it easy.According Xuzhou Railway police, when the task force to June 3 that rescued the baby sent Xuzhou City Social Welfare.

the answer is: “My child is not abandoned, nor is an orphan, can not receive,” ” This child is too small,magasin hollister, and we fear there is a risk in the future to take over. “Thus, the police had removed the operation,hollister paris adresse, this baby was sent to 210 kilometers away Lianyungang City orphanage. As for the other nine abducted children, no welfare willing to receive, because the investigators needed only temporarily in foster care adoptions family home.When Beiqing Bao reporter, Xuzhou City Social Welfare,woolrich outlet, said the person in charge of the first,tiffany outlet, regardless of the size of the child, “even newborn babies” should receive welfare.But when it comes to the anti-trafficking action to rescue the child, the official who first said, “The police have not got over,” said the orphanage and later abandoned children receive only, does not receive the public security organs rescued child trafficking.Anonymity of the public security system staff believes that the reasons for not receiving welfare costs abducted children. “When an adopted orphan go,zanotti, how much you can charge a fee orphanage, and these children were abducted, their birth parents could show up at any time to pick up the child, then the child care expenses during this time, welfare can only themselves . “Research relevant regulations of Civil Affairs, the reporter found that orphans and abandoned children under the Ministry of Civil Affairs is indeed reveal all the details to protect the welfare agency the main target,, but there are also a variety of other conditions specified, but, social welfare agencies to provide a serious shortage of government resources, orphans, abandoned children can not do the best protection,moncler doudoune, not to mention the “temporary” the abducted baby.Contradictions do not stop there. Even to placed in the orphanage,hollister france, the results might not be “appropriate.” For children,christian louboutin pas cher, the orphanage is not the most suitable environment for the growth.

Zhang Pei Zhangzhai,scarpe hogan, Shandong women pass Joe (not his real name) to the police who opened the door,, his face relaxed, her sister said the child taken away. After some persuasion, and the police were good talks,scarpe hogan uomo, Zhang was opened in the yard of a wing of the lock from the inside to hold a sleeping baby.County Song Louzhen (a pseudonym) is a 37-year-old divorced man,,tiffany milano, no children at home, he will this time be regarded as the Dragon Boat Festival last year bought their lifeblood boy. When chatting with the police, will embrace more and more baby hold tight, I heard a police saying “what the baby out” (for photographs for your records),abercrombie paris, Sun Changzong almost cry out. Police described to be intent upon Sun’s sister smiled and smooth things over, said:. “I heard that the child should be taken away,air max pas cher enfant, put him to scare ‘ruin’ the ‘4Welfare: abducted babies “temporary” difficultiesXuzhou City Social Welfare said that only receives abandoned children, the public security organs do not receive child trafficking rescued.If the parents can not temporarily abducted children led away, where you can receive them?In the past,, the public security organs at the time of claim is not completed,, the buyer will usually be ordered to continue to support, and told not to abuse,, resold. However,doudoune moncler homme, there is public opinion:. “Buyer’s market presence is repeated trafficking crime fight absolutely not an important reason for this placement method is not conducive to the elimination buyer’s market.” In this connection.