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But in practice, the country do, and the central talking totally not the same thing.Almost all local governments to understand the traditional inertia urbanization,, urbanization is considered urban construction investment projects. This is based on performance,doudoune pjs, based on the very real GDP growth of local identification. Government Performance To shine, to more than his predecessor,chaussures louboutin pas cher, former gains obtained at least reach, or reach the level of investment predecessor,,louboutin soldes, to continue through the land, to get through the towns. In the place of research,, we found that some provisions of a number of indicators of a large city demolition and construction as one of the criteria for performance evaluation; some require a larger urban landscape changes occur in the short term, in line with the so-called urban modernization The development trend.More seriously,hollister paris adresse, in the process of large-scale urban construction, public resources caused serious waste. Some cities blindly copy the mode of urban construction in developed countries, the pursuit of the Grand Place, the main road, skyscrapers,hollister magasin, convention centers, large center parkland and landscape works. Even in some Midwestern towns,tiffany orecchini, despite weak industrial base, fiscal deficits,,tiffany milano, but also at the debt spread stall, large-scale urban construction project. Were there a lot of performance engineering and image projects. This phenomenon both in the capital city or in the prefecture-level cities and county-level cities, everywhere, everywhere.Urbanization � urban modernizationUrban construction line to Europe, high standards and the pursuit of modernization, but the gap between urban and rural Niagara,giubbotto woolrich, raise the threshold of farmers settled into the city, the original meaning and urbanization made the opposite.Urbanization process, is facing a considerable problem is this: there are those who know the city,, the elite,outlet moncler, management, decision-making, including the media, professors, scholars.

the reason is these schools do not meet the standards and levels of public schools. Then the standard and level of public schools is to emulate what is it? In accordance with the city’s request,hollister kids, the level of developed countries in line. In the urbanization process,moncler doudoune, the reference level is too high, and the lower stage of development process of coexistence,hollister, is not the last step we have a hurdle.We formulate urban planning and public service standards for the city’s wealthy population, the elite of the population, or to admit the reality of urban public service differentiation exist? 250 million migrant workers to provide some space?Urbanization � enhance household welfare livingClosed the fruits of development in the city.

not the original meaning of urbanization, migrant should be made public to enjoy the equalization of benefits and local residents.After the reform and opening up, the speed of urban development is far superior to the rural areas,air max pas cher pour homme,, so that urban residents enjoy the public benefits are far greater than rural residents. A large number of decision-makers, media reporters,louboutin femme pas cher, intellectuals,, entrepreneurs live in the city, and their right to speak much higher than the migrant workers, they do not want and so-called low-end people live together in a region where.

experts,chaussure louboutin pas cher, government management, all in line to Europe, so we saw thousands of city side to Europe and America as a model of modern urban form. They believe that the only way to reflect the strength of China’s rapid economic development. Even some department issued a document request, urbanization want high standards and high quality, to face the future.However, the most likely to be forgotten is the situation in China: China has nearly 900 million farmers are still excluded from the process of urbanization. In fact, urbanization is very simple,,moncler outlet, rural people move to cities and towns, must be low quality, low employment,felpe hollister, low-income people into the process of the town, which is precisely the concept of urban development,hogan scarpe, and now the city manager of conflict.Close schools for the children of migrant workers in Beijing.