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without time limit.Zhai Zhenwu said, “In a city like Beijing,doudoune pjs, more and more women 28 years of age has not been their first child, not even marriage”, you can count disguised release.Beijing News reporter combing around the existing planning regulations found that only Heilongjiang, Ningxia, Yunnan,christian louboutin outlet, Qinghai four provinces (regions),parajumpers homme, adhere to four years, “spacing”,cheap christian louboutin, regardless of the woman’s age.Zhai Zhenwu that the spacing is required, “strictly control population growth,” the special historical period,zanotti, as the gentle population peak arrives,air max pas cher pour homme, an emergency measure taken.Around the grass-roots family planning work.

China working-age population since quite a long time there has been an absolute decline in the number of first time in 2012. Report published by the National Committee on Aging will show that this year,doudoune parajumpers, China’s population aged 60 or older will exceed 200 million,christian louboutin uk, an aging level reached 14.8%.”Continue to stabilize the low birth rate.”Facing the new situation of the population,moncler soldes, “National Population Development” five “plan”,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, eighteen report,cheap louboutins shoes, the National Health and Family Planning “three” program are referred to gradually “improve family planning policy.”Yesterday’s online interview, for friends,christian louboutin shoes, “How perfect expression of national family planning policy” issue,scarpin louboutin pas cher, the State Planning Commission Planning Information Secretary Hou Wei Yan respond,doudoune moncler femme, under the existing policy conditions fertility, population growth trend further weakened.

but the next 20 years China’s total population will continue to grow inertia contradiction between population and resources, environment and economic and social development will be further demonstrated. Therefore, the demographic development of the State Council has issued the “second five” plan to “adhere to the family planning policy, stabilize the low birth rate” as “1025” period of the first eight tasks population development.”We will be based on national population development strategy to promote family planning work and the level of economic and social development in harmony with the resources and environment carrying capacity to adapt.” Beijing News reporter Yan Ming Wei19 provinces to cancel spacingIn China, the “spacing” mainly refers to couples second child,red bottom shoes, first child to the time interval of a second child.Eighties of last century, all regions have in accordance with “family planning” basic national policy of family planning regulations in place.

“spacing” policy because contrary to the best of women of reproductive age (23 years old to 30 years old),hollister france, leading to increased illegal fertility. Population and Family Planning Commission, said Li Min, director of Shandong Province, the abolition of child spacing, mainly to reduce illegal fertility, reduce the difficulty and cost of the work of the grassroots population. Moreover, the estimated spacing canceled after seven or eight years of future population growth,parajumpers femme, Shandong Province,moncler piumini, will not exceed expectations.Practice the past 10 years shows that, Cancel “birth spacing” provinces second child, did not bring the “baby boom” and the population surge.April 2012, the State Council issued the “National Population and Development” five “plan,” said the “Eleventh Five-Year” period, the natural population growth rate is maintained at less than 6 �, the successful completion of the “Eleventh Five-Year” population control goals.As the world’s most populous country.