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He’d wanted to be braver.The hand on his arm came away.He tried not to shake.Then one of the men made a peculiar sound, a sigh like a very tired man finally lying down.Colin heard two distinct thumps — then for a moment, nothing.He wondered if he should run.He recognized it, and a deep chill wracked through him.The last time he’d heard that voice had been in a house in the Market District, just before its owner slaughtered at least eight men.A moment later the sack came off his head.And there she was, regarding him, Letine Arese.
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Her small frame, turned-up nose, and short blond hair made her seem almost like a little girl, but he knew her to be thirty-one years of age, and her blue eyes held a cold intensity that was quite un-childlike.Those eyes narrowed now.
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I suppose that makes sense.Both were male; one was an Argonian, the other a Bosmer.They both seemed quite dead, although he could not see the cause.We’ll get back to that in a moment.She was dressed in Bosmer woodsman style, with high boots and soft leather vest and breeches.