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It had rained, and Talos Plaza was awash in reflected torch and lamplight.The air still smelled clean as Colin stepped through the puddles.A troupe of Khajiit acrobats was performing nearby, gracefully tumbling, forming unlikely structures with their feline bodies, juggling sparkling torches.A crowd clapped and tossed coins at their feet.He passed through a group of kids enthusiastically swinging at one another with wooden swords, and felt stiffness in this throat.He’d been like them once.He remembered playing such games.But he couldn’t remember at all how it felt.A few steps to the right, and he stood in the near utter darkness of an alleyway.Here, a man could die — or kill — and those in the plaza with its light and merriment would never be the wiser.
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She noticed him too late.If he’d meant to end her, he could have, and she knew it.
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For the first time since he’d met her, Arese’s controlled expression cracked, and he saw something that looked very much like fear.He could almost hear her heart pounding.I was afraid to send any sort of message.You’re on your way to meet your sister at the pub, and you always cut through here.I wondered why you come through here rather than staying on the street.