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I will return here with sufficient guards to protect me and set you free, on your honor to never return.We need it to destroy Umbriel.Proximity might be enough.But even so, at some point someone will put hand to it again, and then the sword will walk its new thrall right back here to kill all of us.At first, however, he couldn’t find a smith who could do the work.He spent months — some sources say years — in frustration, until the witch Naenra Waerr came forth.She made the weapon, but it was unstable, and she told the prince that he would have to imbue it with some of his own power to make it whole and communicate with it on the mortal plane.Vile gave her the power she asked for.But it appears she tricked him, and some even speculate the witch was actually none other than Sheogorath, the Madgod, in disguise.The sword is a soul stealer, and over time it comes to possess its owner.
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But whether by design, or by contact with human souls, or simply because it is in the nature of daedric energies, in time the part of Vile that was in the sword became a thing of its own, a sentient being.The being of whom you speak has escaped the sword and now empowers the city of Umbriel.
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We wish to draw him — or his energies, I guess — back into the sword.I believe this is because it is still in communication with Vile in some way.I have, in fact, come to believe that when Umbra left, Vile himself — or some significant fraction of what comprises him — is now, in turn, trapped in the sword.Whatever the truth is, no mortal mind can long survive the rage and madness in that weapon.You must remain here.