e17: Easy Ways To Make Things Easier On Yourself With Your iPhone.. by Meridith P. Orama

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August 15, 2013 – Perhaps you have an iphone 4g and you are ready to load it with a bunch of cool apps. However, can you be sure where to find them? Along with his article, you will notice what wonderful things you can do together with your iPhone and discover about the latest add-ons and tricks.

It can be frustrating as soon as your iPhone freezes on you. When you get nowhere by pushing your sleep and residential buttons, find out if holding your property button for six seconds does almost anything to help. This will shut down any frozen apps. If this isn’t effective, hold the Sleep and Home buttons around around 10 secs. Doing this should result in the Apple to pop-up on the screen and your mobile device will reset.

Don’t forget to update your phone as new updates become available. Whenever you update your device, you’ll have all the fixes, updates, as well as other important things your iPhone needs. This will also backup your phone, thus storing all your important data on your pc. Should anything happen for the data in your iPhone, stop worrying.

Did you just type something into iMessage that you simply probably shouldn’t have? Probably the dreaded Auto Correct feature has skewed the meaning and garbled your intent. In that case, then all you need to do is shake the iPhone or Nikon CoolPix AW100. Anything you’ve typed will probably be erased within seconds. This feature is optional, if you want it, you need to enable it from the Settings menu.

In order to conserve your battery usage on the iPhone, lessen the brightness level. You can do this by changing the brightness inside the settings section of your phone to a lower level. This can definitely save you your battery usage, which can be important during those times when you need a fully charged phone.

Avoid placing your phone in extreme temperature areas. Do not bring your phone with if you work in a freezer, and don’t leave your phone in the sun. A significant change in temperature causes condensation to make on as well as in the device, possibly damaging it.

If you accidentally drop the iPhone in water, you should not try turning it on right away. Let it dry out whenever you can before wanting to turn the ability on. Attempting to power it on when wet might cause irreparable circuit damage.

Don’t let your phone to point out words to you personally as you create messages. If you are typing an email or email and wish to turn off the suggestions, press anywhere on the screen to get rid of the suggestion box. This eliminates the requirement to tap the “x” to go from word to word.

You can check multiple email accounts on your iPhone by providing renaming each account different things. If multiple email options share an identical name, you will get confused. Assigning an original name lets you quickly identify the account you intend to check instantly.

It really is pretty simple to retain images from Mail and Safari. Simply touch and hang on an image that you want to save. This can prompt a box to open which gives a save option.

Rice minimises the moisture on your iPhone. Life happens and more than likely your phone will belong to some water at one point or another. In lieu of a hair dryer, pat the device dry having a soft towel, then place in a plastic bag together with rice. It should be dried out after several hours or overnight.

You should easily be knowledgeable enough in regards to the iPhone to describe its benefits, including how easy it’s to customize, along with other people. The guidance within this piece has likely provided everything you need. jointly reviewed by Donnetta L. Gurske