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In the mining machinery, ultrafine mill is widely used, because it is simple and convenient to operate, so it is popular. However, some users reflect their own machines, work efficiency is gradually low, unknown, in this regard, for the vast numbers of users of science.

Although ultrafine mill has many advantages, but its work for a long time, there will be some dust, debris, equipment wear and tear and so on. Encountered these cases, should immediately stop maintenance, and do the corresponding lubrication care work.

However, most businesses are reluctant to repair, perhaps unfortunately maintenance costs, or may be afraid of delaying production, so lead to further deterioration of the matter, and ultimately the efficiency of ultra fine grinding gradually low.

Here, to remind the vast numbers of users, if found in the problem, but turned a blind eye, will only lead to ultra fine grinding problem is becoming more and more serious. Don’t be afraid to waste time and waste of maintenance. In fact, doing these jobs is actually saving time, increasing efficiency, and achieving twice the result with half the effort.

Therefore, the majority of users must pay attention to, early detection, early processing, never delay, so as not to delay your production process. In addition, the basic work of superfine grinding should be well done so as to ensure the working efficiency of ultrafine mill. So, do the following.

First, we must understand the relevant rules of ultra-fine grinding machine, for its maintenance should be regularly implemented. For example, mechanical inspection, parts adjustment, etc., according to the actual use of the situation, to arrange the intensity of maintenance.

Second, ultrafine mill installation should be done, according to the support device installation diagram to smooth installation of parts, so that all parts fully cooperate.

Third, regular lubrication ultra-fine grinding and replacement parts. Only the correct mechanical nursing, can prolong the mill fundamentally life, improve its efficiency.

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