Emergency treatment measures for failure of construction waste crushing production line

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The construction waste crushing production line has complete functions. It can be used not only for coarse crushing, but also for medium crushing and fine crushing, so the construction waste crusher widely used in chemical, metallurgical, cement, mining and stone production industries. If the construction waste disposal line fails, what emergency measures should we take?

1. the construction waste crushing production line temperature is too high

When dealing with construction waste production line when the temperature is too high, you can take the emergency shutdown, especially the temperature rises too fast or has reached 80 of cases must be shut down immediately, so as to avoid the disposal of construction waste production line damage. Some users may ask how to judge the temperature has exceeded the standard? We can touch the back of the bearing by one second and feel the burning sensation, which proves that the temperature has reached a relatively high state. The first stop of feeding also need to pay attention to this situation, increase the amount of oil, through mandatory air-cooled or water-cooled way until the bearing temperature decreased during shutdown, which is more conducive to the production line equipment operation, reduce the loss.

2. construction waste production line parts appear loose

As we all know, construction waste crushing equipment in a relatively high speed rotating state, if the parts appear loose or even broken, should stop immediately, so as not to cause damage to the operator. This reminds users of the use of construction waste disposal line, pay attention to routine maintenance, and develop a simple routine inspection of good habits, to prevent the existence of loose parts.

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