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In order to return the world a clean environment, ultrafine vertical roller mill  industry always focus on energy saving and emission reduction environmental protection idea. And will usher in the peak of investment in the next few years, energy saving and environmental protection industry development space is vast, demand growth is guaranteed, the “Twelfth Five Year Plan” period of relevant industries of energy saving and environmental protection the attractive market prospects, the future energy-saving support will strengthen, the energy services industry will enter a golden development period.

Milling machine industry in obtained the very big development in recent years, mill is not only widely used in the traditional mining industry, with the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry in the new materials, and environmental protection industry has gained more and more attention. As we know, the development of space and non metallic mineral products deep processing more broad, many non metallic mineral materials as a substitute and fill material in paper making, paint, metallurgy, building materials and other industries, not only more environmental health, but also save a lot of cost, the product quality is better. However, China non metallic mineral products deep processing technology is not mature, unable to meet the development of the deep processing of metal mine in China required in many processing technology, processing technology and processing equipment. A single non metallic mineral processing mill for grinding technology in our country, although the rapid development in recent years, grinding equipment is improving, but compared with the international industry, China grinding technology remains to be improved, grinding equipment has yet to be further improved.

As the grinding equipment production enterprises, to solve these problems in technology,products and service management to further deepen the reform, conforms to the market and social economy is the road of the development of enterprises.

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