escarpin louboutin this approach will not only harm the health of students

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let them eat hardship,escarpin louboutin, these requirements and his training in the army are normal, short hair on behalf of the military image, The instructor said,christian louboutin outlet, took off his hat, his hair very short. The instructor said that he felt that these are no problem, certainly not before the students sit in the rain, this is done in order to practice the style, but also because this training students become different, affordability will improve.A group of students were consecutive Northwest University of Politics and Civil and Commercial professional, the professional counselors that is unified deployment instructors come,barbour pas cher, they can not keep track of, do not know these things, just know that some students because of the rain with a fever, have leave to rest,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, and then they will communicate with instructors and students, to resolve the matter.Parents: detrimental to students’ health is not appropriateInterview yesterday morning, the square two groups, six groups of students, said no such provision, no shaved hair, sitting practice is carried out when the sunny.

rain will not sit on the floor.”Children sent photos are sitting in the rain.” 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. Wang said the parents, the child is Northwest University of Politics and journalism students, yesterday afternoon to participate in military training, instructors require all students to sit on the floor to practice sitting, and then is under the rain,christian louboutin shoes, the ground full of water.Wang said he had been a soldier in the army,air max bw pas cher, and will not require a rainy day sitting on the ground, he thought military training for health,boutique christian louboutin, so detrimental to student health training is not appropriate. And Mr. Wang, like many journalism students of parents in the hope that schools pay attention to student health, military attention the way the rain.User: This is both bitter eat, how Cheng Kung University”We had never been seen still in the mud crawl, I think this is normal.” Yesterday, about the incident, 31-year-old Ms. Duan said, before she was studying at Shaanxi Normal University, is a rainy season just when military training, There was dirt playground, a rain became mud, instructors asked them to crawl on the floor exercise, done all these movements have become figurines,christian louboutin, for which they also deliberately take pictures, now that these have become bitter OK memories, and now she felt students should eat suffer through military training.22-year-old Lin had just graduated from college, he said, does not have to suffer the expense of health, instructors allow students to sit in the rain in a long time, mutual supervision looked down, this approach will not only harm the health of students.

but also with a certain degree of punitive in nature, he felt that these are not desirable.After yesterday’s China Daily microblogging issued this message.

but also to take a puddle.” Row of a group of students said their instructors is very strict, short hair must be 3 mm, a student because the hair issue went to the barber shop three times before passing. If someone posture training standards, we must sit down together on the ground repeatedly raining dozens of times,hollister pas cher, and requires three seconds to sit down, one second up. September 12 evening, the students were sent off the whole company to sit down and stand in the rain,scarpin louboutin pas cher, but also let the girls next to even count on one side, the girls laugh and count total number of 58 times, so that they feel very ashamed.The students said the military has just begun, they even have to leave a lot of people sick.Instructor: hone students will, let them eat hardship11:20 yesterday, a group of military training school in the last row is a dissolution.”They are the vanguard even, naturally require more stringent.” The instructor even said, meaning the University of military training is to hone the students will.

the base situation radiance!The following cut-off election netizens God replies:Huang Jie Ming lazy wire: through the years of pain, just for the sake of a result, the outline of the guidelines you left me,abercrombie, not lonely night.Moken Moken: “brethren, top midfielder in what I was?” “Yes scabbard scabbard yo!”Ferguson tea: the sustenance of the working people was longing for love … also criticized the feudal social constraints on free love …Red a popular guest: obviously highlights the top right eyes are good, and that touch of sadness and jealousy.Southern Entertainment Weekly: Who is in the ear, that love I never change …He Yule: Millennium-based Friends of love,barbour paris, this is love.libralan_lieben: lifetime can not be together, but also snuggle together after death.Jianping -JP: Haha, the ancients also gay?Schleswig-old Meng orz: a milk ejection.Smooth Tanzania: they believe in love!Confucius worry: that deep underground base situation.Hair must be shaved to 3 mm long, the training standards should not pose in front of the whole group to sit together in the rain, the rain could not military umbrella, such military appeared in the Northwest University of Politics and Chang’an campus, many students were hurt, address him “vulnerable”, but is the military training instructor, said the significance of hardship.Student: military training just started,moncler, many students sick leaveSeptember 14 at 10 am,nike store, on the balance of Political Science at Northwestern University in front of the Plaza Building, freshmen are military training, this is the fourth day of their military training, most students have an umbrella,moncler sito ufficiale, with the exception of a boys team did an umbrella After the rain out of the school building in training, this team is a group row. Five minutes after the rain the bigger,barbour france, they also propped up the umbrella,woolrich parka, 15 minutes after the rain gradually smaller,piumini peuterey, students put away the umbrella in the rain again training.”Requirements must be shaved short hair.