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more left-left, right and more right up.Internet is not necessarily a guide civil societyComparison of two events: Peng Yu case letters and Pan Xiao year. Some people think that the Chinese Nanjing Peng Yu case leads backwards five years, falls among the elderly afraid to help. But this was a misreading of the case, the disclosure of Nanjing Politics and Law Committee Later, Peng Yu Xu Granny really is knocked down the man,escarpins louboutin, not because Xu Granny was a courageous and extortion, but the bigger problem lies in the Gulou District Court’s verdict . Court was not based on the facts found, but according to infer evil human nature, said: “If the defendant is a good thing,collier pandora pas cher, according to the social sense,nike tn 2014, in the plaintiff’s family arrives,hollister femme, it is entirely possible and let the plaintiff’s family after the plaintiff in the implicit facts rushed to the hospital, then left on their own,louboutin prix, but the defendant did not make such choices,nike tn 2014, their behavior is clearly inconsistent with reason. “The Misunderstood Peng Yu case,air max bw pas cher, coupled with improper court reasoned judgment, so that we have lost confidence in social morality.Talk on the Internet today are mostly event-oriented, lack of sustained, rational, in-depth discussion of public issues. At this point, I think today is not as good as the year-Fi hotspot.

television stations expression. The more extreme marginalization of many users, the more likely radicalization.Also,pandora, can not be said that the Internet, the value of the mass of information density is not uniform. Blog ideological value density is relatively high,air max 1 pas cher, higher than the BBS, the higher the micro blog. Micro-blog the lowest density value of speech. Expression microblogging network and micro-channel circle of friends, with performances of the traces. I recently went to Taiwan tourism has such a strong feeling: feeling too messy politics in Taiwan from the mainland reports, but after I visited Taipei parliament, members of both parties are actually found the blue and green with a considerable degree of performance traces after the parliamentary debate. Members can fraternizing in the office, you can also drink beer together. Of course, I am very superficial understanding of Taiwan. Today I feel the expression of users,barbour pas cher, regardless of left-wing right-wing,nike tn pas cher, in fact, with some traces of performing a considerable extent, the lack of professionalism,nike tn, becoming serious tendency to fame and fortune.On the other hand,Giuseppe Zanotti, tolerant network platform, I feel micro blog lowest,hollister homme, far below the BBS and blog. Lip service on the Internet today, more serious signs of belligerent. After the government to increase efforts to control the Internet, tend to hold together for warmth in the online community is very powerful. At least this stage did not achieve the right-wing radical left-wing voice completely suppress it, Mean rational voice stand out. In fact,bracelet pandora, I feel today in microblogging.

“China Youth” magazine launched the “Pan Xiao discussion” (life discussion). Then continued around a common topic of discussion, the parties became emotional, but they are also very restrained rational discussion. Whether advocating the value of life for themselves or for others,nike air jordan pas cher, nothing like today,chaussures nike tn pas cher, the other side on the microblogging dismissed as “brain damage” or demoted to “lead the way to the party.”Today in microblogging,chaussure louboutin, believed to be representative of the network media field.