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but also the way to the people,giuseppe zanotti, and all the planning organization,doudoune parajumpers, aiding and inciting “the occupation” of organizations and individuals are required to be announced immediately stop the occupation,christian louboutin men, not only a clear break with the mob,tn, intent to absolve responsibility.Fai Legislative Council requires the police to take effective clearance operation. He said Hong Kong made no space and no condition to endure a daily count of the amount of the loss. (End)EdBEIJING, Aug. 13,doudoune pjs, according to foreign media reports, one had been a British Military Intelligence (MI5) services before the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) staff recently revealed to the media, BBC had to cooperate with the British intelligence services in the last century 90 years after the end of the Cold War to terminate the operation of a large number of files was also destroyed.British media broke the news on August 12. It named Michael? Hoddle former BBC employee.

the British “Daily Telegraph” reporter through the “Information Disclosure Law” to the British authorities asked the BBC about this institution.Confidential documents obtained by the newspaper show that at a certain moment,nike store, BBC had 6300 employees for review. This is almost one-third of the number of employees throughout the company. The document also refers to the essay,barbour femme, BBC there was a “subversive organization” list. Some political organizations involved employees will not be promoted.After retiring in 1988 Adams Han,hogan scarpe, Hoddle took over his post. Hoddle recently decided to disclose more information to the outside world. He said that those confidential personal files stored in room 105,louboutin femme, and ultimately be destroyed within a few days to two employees. When he and Adams Han guarantee, he would not talk about their work.It is reported that,piumini peuterey, BBC spokesman declined to comment.(Original title: British media: BBC and intelligence agencies to cooperate after the end of the China news agency.

Beijing, June 30 (Reporter Ying Ni) – “There is a misconception that (Beijing) Palace Museum treasures went to Taiwan.

said he was the BBC’s office is located in room 105 of the old Broadcasting House. But after the Cold War ended in 1992,barbour homme, the department stopped the operation.Hoddle said, when he oversaw the destruction of a large amount of evidence. “I crush a lot (file),” he admitted. These are confidential documents about the BBC staff.Exchange of information for a long timeIn England,nike tn, early cooperation with the British intelligence agency BBC is not unfamiliar. It is reported that this function first began in 1937, aims to prevent the BBC staff and Mosley “Black Party” contact occurs. This project continued until the Cold War, and monitor those dissident employees.In 1985, the British “Observer” to disclose the existence of this institution. Article discloses no reason why some employees are subject to the company indifference. At that time,nike air max, BBC accused of cooperation with intelligence agencies,abercrombie pas cher, did not engage in an independent and objective news coverage.After this report,abercrombie paris, BBC was forced to admit the existence of similar institutions,giubbotti peuterey, and promised to downsize. BBC was responsible for liaison with the Military Intelligence former military intelligence officer Han Adams also because this article will soon leave the BBC. Since then,woolrich milano, BBC rarely talk about this topic in public.BBC to review nearly one-third of employeesIn 2006.