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Town Lufeng big incident, armed with a homemade shotgun killer fired several shots

Express News correspondent correspondent Linliang Tian Yu,, reported December 25 open 17 am, Lufeng City,scarpe hogan uomo saldi, Town Tang Pui Village battle occurred because of a dispute triggered gun murder, the murderer has more than one or two hand-held homemade hash gun fired several shots, resulting in a body of shots villager killed and a villager was shot in the finger. After the incident, Lufeng police have arrested two suspects in the crime scene of the three shells. Currently, the police have carried out for Suspects pursuit.

Dispute avoidance due to vehicle

Lufeng According to the police,giubbotti woolrich, Lufeng City Changan � Pui Village battlefield battlefield and jade melon pit adjacent to the battlefield were taken both from the Lo River sand. Because jade melon sand pit battlefield transport vehicle needs through self-study � Pui Village Village Road, there has been friction between the two battle, but no violent conflict. Cases since at 16:00 on December 25th,piumini moncler, large Pui Village Town � battle Lin Moumou open to big trucks when Changan contained sand, and jade melon pit battle managers Ye Moumou met because both sides of the narrow village road vehicles avoid a quarrel. Ye Moumou mustered more than 10 people over the phone Huang Moumou,, certain money,vendita hogan, Moumou and other four men traveling in the car arrived at the battlefield � Pui Village, the Lin Moumou excavator smashed, then a pedestrian car ready to leave, and Lin Moumou to the village with a gang junction interception. “It was more than 18:00, a time when dinner time, a lot of work outside � Pui Village villagers have to get home, past the intersection surrounded him to watch.” Police investigators said.

Ye Moumou four men traveling in the car, who in turn prepare through the intersection,woolrich uomo, a car was found on a large number of people gathered village intersection,woolrich prezzi, under panic braking, reaction is less than the second vehicle struck the car to go,, after the accident, the villagers rush past. The other two passengers rushed the car, quickly reversing, behold two cars coming together again.

Fired several shots and killed a villager

After the crash, who abandoned the vehicle and fled in the vehicle. Some villagers caught up,spaccio peuterey, Ye Moumou, who fear being surrounded. Ran back shot on the spot open for a few shots. According to the police after the evidence,doudoune moncler homme,, the scene of the three shells.

After the incident, the Lufeng Municipal Public Security Bureau deputy director and head of the Criminal Investigation of Peng Guosheng immediately rushed to the scene, and the instruction set up a “12.25” gun homicide task force. Shanwei police chief Ma Wei Ling has repeatedly given instructions to request as soon as detected.

Police task force said at the time due to darkness, the villagers do not know if anyone was killed. When village officials heard the news rushed LYJ lying on the ground after the discovery of the villagers. LYJ wife said,woolrich milano, after seeing her husband arrived covered in blood, she wanted to cry all cry.

Lufeng police rushed to the scene after receiving the report,, during a search of the vehicle found in possession of the money in the car and certain arrest. December 26 afternoon,,tiffany outlet, police again in Da’an Anluo Le Village and arrested Ye Moumou.

After the trial, certain money,woolrich outlet, Ye Moumou have confessed to their involvement in the crime of crimes. According to police investigators, after an autopsy found that the deceased died LYJ his body shots, which shot the middle of the heart. The shootings, there is a villager shot fingers.

Police confirmed to reporters from Lufeng, LYJ not battle staff, he was just in the vicinity of scaffolding sub-villagers.

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Lufeng illegal sand mining in serious condition

During the interview,, the reporter learned that, in recent years, due to soaring prices of sand, Lufeng illegal sand mining in serious condition, Lufeng territory via rivers are dredged. Not long ago,,moncler donna, the two battle for the incident where the river Lo River, Lufeng city government has deployed a special screw river action against illegal sand mining, called for further strengthening of river sand mining work management, protection of the main river flood safety. However, we understand the local rampant illegal sand mining is still an exception.

Police investigators told reporters, Tang Pui Village battlefield battlefield and jade melon are illegal sand mining pits, and Tang Pui Village boss battle Lin Moumou on suspicion of illegal sand mining has been under criminal detention, bail out not long before.