Features and advantages of LM vertical roller mill

LM vertical roller mill is the key equipment of flour milling, especially suitable for the first crushed material. LM vertical roller mill is widely used in cement, silicate products, new building materials, refractory materials, chemical fertilizer, black non-ferrous metal processing, such as glass ceramics manufacturing industry. It is also suitable for the grinding of various ores and other materials. Based on the processing and milling method, LM vertical roller mill can be divided into two types: dry and wet grinding equipment, grinding equipment.

Main structure of LM vertical roller mill
LM vertical roller mill is mainly composed of a feeding part, discharging part, rotary part, transmission part and other main parts. The transmission part is composed of reducer, small gear, motor, electronic control and so on. The hollow shaft is made of cast steel and the lining is detachable. The LM vertical grinding cylinder is internally provided with a wear resistant lining board.

LM vertical roller mill host comprises a cylinder body, cylinder sleeve, bearings, transmission parts, such as motor, gear, pulley, V-belt etc..

LM vertical roller mill accessories have a big and small gears, hollow shaft, gear, gear ring, steel ball, diaphragm, gear, bearing and lining etc..

Features and advantages of LM vertical roller mill

1. The main shaft bearing is improved, and the original sliding bearing is replaced. This will reduce friction, and energy consumption. It started to grind.

2. To maintain the end cover structure of the ordinary grinder, with large diameter inlet and outlet, large processing capacity.

3. The feeding device has simple structure and separation device.

4. Equipment running smoothly, reduce downtime maintenance time, improve production efficiency.

5. Capacity and fineness can be adjusted by adjusting the diameter of the ball.

6. The shape of the final product is consistent, most of which are round.

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