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leaving behind the question of what does not have the minimum qualities when leading cadres.After the political voice of people to go public schmoozing. Since ancient times, the value of all official who carried on the dedication and for the people, reflected in public opinion in reputation. Zhongyan “first world of worry and worry, after the world music” in mind, Banqiao “I Caozhou some small Xian Li, a leaf of customs intelligence” to pursue, Jiao “We are serving the people as a cadre,felpe hollister, can not pay attention food and clothing, it should be with the people through thick and thin, “the feelings, so far Lingrenganpei, enlightening. Identify their own positioning, a clear value lies,escarpin louboutin, learn to work in a constraint, under the supervision of the Director-General habit, we get rid of the name of the reins Lee lock shackles, winning is ideal valuable life.Evening News reporter intern Zhang Xue Qian Zhu Yun reportsIntended for the children to do the marriage room houses, but the tenant dead on the inside.

… this reform framework, highlighting the financial reform of market-oriented approach.(Financial reform into the “fast track” adhere to market-oriented release o”Health officials do not talk about” what is wrong (People’s views)- Keep a positive attitude turn style of cadresNewspaper Commentary Department”People’s Daily” (June 4,doudoune moncler femme, 2014 05 Edition)Learn to work in a constraint, habits under the supervision of the Director-General, we get rid of the name of the reins Lee lock shackles, winning is ideal valuable lifeNo public funds invitation to dinner, not a stored-value card spending, eating dumplings have to buy their own – for the exposure “within the system” in terms of some cadres, just past the Dragon Boat Festival, which means that once again experience the “Guadan” medium ” fresh. “Since eight of the provisions of this transition is becoming the “new normal.” The masses have seen the hope that many cadres are thus removed the burden.

can best embody the pursuit of those in power. If we reject this undeserved privilege sighed, “Crown is not easy”, the excessive abuse treatment with zero complained, “officials do not talk to students,barbour pas cher,” our consciousness and the realm of expression? Our advanced nature and purity highlight where?From this point of view, “an official is not easy,” the formation, it is the norm of modern political civilization; “Crown is not easy,” sighs, then corresponds to the past, “an official too easy” twist. Plainly,moncler sito ufficiale, it is because of lack of sufficient restraint on the ideas, habits, work style, so that some people become accustomed to unhealthy practices, mistakenly think that this is the “official” shall have the status. If you think “a cup of tea, a cigarette,giuseppe zanotti, a newspaper looking for a long time”,hollister sale, with the turn style continued to advance further, it is inevitable loss; if you only believe in “a thousand miles to the official, only to eat and wear”, as Fighting has intensified, risk is inevitable; if you do not know how to “fear testimonies were most happy,” the truth, with the continuous advance of democracy,parajumpers homme, the pain will increase.Crown fortune, should be two. Xi Jinping, the leading cadres repeatedly warned: “If you think as a cadre uneconomical, resigned to doing business can engage in industry, but do not want to be rich both want an officer.” “Heart is the soul, the industry Qinye fine.” The reason is a special group of public officials, lies in its “public person” rather than “economic man.” Less emphasis on material interests, painstaking in selfish, do not fit into the public workforce. Does not solve the party ideologically Why, what officials do.

no longer because goings tired, no longer being alcohol test every day, no longer need to adhere to the principle of distress, relationship simple, pure environment,parajumpers femme, the relaxed state of mind a.But there is a different sound that welfare is reduced, action is not free, when civil servants “getting boring”, and even “official not talk to students,” the complaints that the media predicted that the new round of “official Tide “or will soon.The ancients said, by the extravagance, from luxury to economy. Can not take a good car, and not on the hotel, and even have to squeeze the office,hollister outlet, it does make some cadres not so adapt. Straitjacket of a multi-use right, the cost of non-compliance becomes high, the risk of “stalls thing,” the increase, and also does make some people feel “official is not easy.”However, the specification cadres “food, housing, transportation, travel,” the pile pieces, which a tube was too much, too over the tube? Using public funds to send New Year’s Day ceremony, should it? Extravagant waste of public funds,abercrombie milano, should not control it? Spendthrift, wasteful,woolrich, can do it? Turn style of the various requirements, but the bottom line is to get hold of leading cadres, adhere to the principle, do not break the law only,air jordan femme, not to the extent of “official difficult”, but not to the “official not talk to students” level.There cadres “Tucao”: done with a lot, earn too little, there is no point extra income.

not to point the bypass, pull the plug opening. In all fairness,hollister jeans, along with economic and social development, civil service wages should increase. However,giuseppe zanotti femme, the “low wages” complaint, and can not become gray income, hidden welfare excuse. Also see the ban unreasonable income, it is the first step in a reasonable increase in revenue. Only wages and incomes unified,air max femme pas cher, standardized, transparent, and real income of civil servants did not smoke and mirrors, to wage civil servants will get to understand the community.Compared to “low-income” anxiety, some people, “the official does not talk to students,” the lament,hogan, but also in “high risk” by the right. Premier of the Soviet Union N. Ryzhkov cited a famous saying: “Power should be a burden when it is the burden will be rock solid, and when power becomes a pleasure, then everything stops.” In At any time, the power is a double-edged sword,woolrich bologna, how to use, where to use it.