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it is considering the introduction of such a ban, in order to protect consumers.House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, and there is no objection to this draft. Republican and Democratic members of the House have said that the phone on the plane, it will produce noise, thus affecting the other passengers.Reported that the draft decision does not affect the behavior of passengers last year on the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Last year, FAA allows passengers to use in aircraft movements during smart phones and other personal electronic device to send e-mail, text messaging, Internet and download data.In the United States, for security reasons, talk during the flight has been banned for 22 years. But the US media said,felpe hollister, and now, advances in technology to solve this concern. Chairman of the US Federal Communications Commission has said that he wanted to repeal the ban.(Original title: The United States House of Representatives passed a draft call prohibit passengers on tBEIJING.

Feb. 7,barbour, according to foreign media reports,giubbotti woolrich, a few days ago in a road accident in California, firefighters and policemen arrived at the scene. Requires a fire patrol moved bits rescue the injured firefighters were being rejected. This firefighters therefore handcuffed by the police on the spot,parka woolrich, that he was greatly surprised.According to reports,hollister, the accident occurred in San Diego, California. Wednesday night, the local highway traffic accident, authorities sent three fire engines to the scene processing.Just when firefighters to rescue the victims of a rollover accident, the scene of a fire truck blocked Highway Patrol has accused the fast-track road,moncler pas cher, which requires walking two fire engines from the line for 12 years firefighters Gregoire (Jacob Gregoire) open .Gregoire did not listen to patrol requirements, continue to save lives. This name patrol immediately arrested him,louboutin soldes, handcuffed him only, but his detention on police detain 30 minutes.There are television to take the case when Gregoire arrested. At that time he said to the policeman: “Imagine that you will treat us this way we are saving lives.!”For this event, the local fire department for Gregoire, said even behind. The fire department said the firefighters in an emergency rescue, fire truck parked there choose to protect the accident site in person. Another source said, police and fire departments in Southern California really long rift.(Original title: When firefighters rescue was accused of blocking traffic policeman handcuffed (Reporter any interest) around at 11:00 on March 28,woolrich prezzi, Zhengding County Quyangqiao Township Hu brawl incident occurred in the village.

the two sides clashed. Subsequently, Zhao returned to Silesia Village convened nine relatives and friends came to the Zhang family, triggering gang fights, causing a relative of the man was stabbed to death and many injured, the woman’s two relatives are still in hospital.Yesterday afternoon, reporters learned from the family of the victim of the deceased 33-year-old, the Department was stabbed in the thigh,bracciali tiffany, bled to death yesterday undergoing forensic autopsy. Because grief,hogan rebel, family members do not want to talk about other cases.Quyangqiao Township government said that the current issue of Zhengding County Criminal Brigade have been involved, both in the village of village cadres,abercrombie, work is under way to appease emotions both parties personnel stabilized.Debt owed 300,000 yuan,doudoune moncler, painted when he was covered in paint home judge wanted to escape executionHe thought that the judge could not find a vase dressedIn 2006, a German youth obsessed because Pablo terracotta, wearing clothing made of Qin Terracotta Warriors jumped into the pit. Ultimately, however, he was sharp-eyed police caught up.Yesterday, Judge Beilun court met a “old Lai,” he judges to escape directly to disguise themselves as arts and crafts, and made the judges annoying and ridiculous. � correspondent reporter Ye Meng Ying Huang Hao Ming NorthThey want to get rich in stocks back 300.

nearly 20 villagers fight, resulting in one death and more wounded. Quyangqiao Township government said Zhengding County Criminal Brigade currently being processed.According to Hu,abercrombie paris, a village villagers, occurred at about at 11:00 on March 28, the two sides involved in the fight were from the village and neighboring villages Hu Xili Village, a total of nearly 20 people,moncler pas cher, and the use of knives, sticks and other objects.Xili Village a village cadres, said Zhai man Cyril Zhao and Zhang Hu village this is a couple recent divorce, child custody order loggerheads. Zhang Zhao morning to pick up the child wanted to go back home for a few days.

“Thematic Task Force established by Xi’an Municipal Government Counsellors’ Office in July 1 announced the “Research Report of Xi’an ease traffic congestion during the” “on the” five in once pointed out, if necessary in Xi’an will implement Yaohao restriction; implement odd and even numbers run at a specific time and a specific area. Social organizations and departments and units within three years shall arrange car indicators. Private “second five” must be controlled within 1 million.2011 Xi’an car ownership was 1.19 million,hollister pas cher, ranking tenth. Relevant units to predict the next four years, Xi’an vehicle population will exceed two million.In response, the industry pointed out that after the purchase in Xi’an, Shenzhen, Hangzhou,giuseppe zanotti femme, Chengdu, Chongqing, Tianjin and Nanjing dozen “around the corner” of the city, will accelerate the development of relevant restriction policy, city car purchase has inevitably become an inevitable trend.Indeed, despite the restriction measures in various cities or different,woolrich outlet, but the industry consensus,nike tn pas cher magasin, bear the brunt of their own brands.BEIJING, Feb. 12, according to foreign media reports, on the 11th, the US House of Representatives passed a draft ban airline passengers to call in flight, this would require the US Department of Transportation to take action.The draft requires the US Department of Transportation regulations promulgated to prohibit passengers call in aircraft flight. Earlier, the US Department of Transportation has said before.