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80,000 people come to visit the site bought 83 suites

“The people there were not many in the first place this morning, we thought it was not popular, who knows just 9 points, exhibitors like popped out, packed with the stand. “Zijin County-East project details the owner community photo album

According to the Organizing Committee of statistics, as of that day, fifa coins at 10:30, just 2 hours already had 11000 participants show. At 4 o’clock in the afternoon in, number of attendees throughout the day now runs up to 18,000 passengers, disseminating information about 28,000 copies. Related links: popular spring fair 2nd day 2 11,000 passengers on spring exhibition

Spring fair popularity outside the spread from farm to farm. Second-hand housing agency, suburban real estate, outside flyer was launched. Even wenxunerlai the gondoliers, earn enough if the spring trade fair opening day, there are many real estate industry exhibitors, Forum, live for the day, and professionalism. Near the end of the week, with the arrival of a large number of ordinary property buyers, the Organizer, exhibitor’s activities closer to home buyers from April 2, every day there are two hot properties for sale in charge interview on “flying clouds moments.” The morning, Su Ningrui City project owned by suning property owners community photo album details, zijin County-East project details the owner community albums vanke Golden Mile Island project owners community photo album click on the spring plate details: Su Ningrui, topfifacoins.com purple-gold East County click on the name plate: vanke Golden Mile Island

The experience of the first day, and developer activities to the more experienced. Five mine owners community photo album Yu Jiang Jincheng project details secret 365 small addendum: ready to buy a House does not a happy stroll exhibition guide

In addition, warmly received by the buyers of public class 4 seminars were held in the day, for buyers introduced practical information such as school district, Metro rooms though real in the spring trade fair room not many developers sell, begun paihao storage developer has obtained good results. Just started paihao Su Ningrui City project details the owner community photo album