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Hello everyone. I just started smoking about two weeks ago. Started smoking after drinking too much one night. I have a few questions though, as I still am kind of unsure of all of this. I’m gonna try and keep it to 4-5 cigarettes a day, but once again, have a few questions.
When I’m smoking, I’m not sure if I’m swallowing mid-inhale. Sounds stupid, sure. I never do physically swallow, but when I burp afterwards (say 15 minutes later) I can taste the cigarette. Along with that, I have this kind of disposition during certain times in the day where thinking about a cigarette will make me sick to my stomach, but I end up smoking anyways. It does sound stupid I know, but I’m not sure if I’m inhaling correctly.
Lastly, does the buzz/lightheadedness/relaxation of a cigarette go away after a few a day? Today I smoked more than I normally do, as it was a stressful day. At about the 4th of the day, I wasn’t really feeling anything at all from the nicotine.
Mostly what I’m wondering about is why I’m pretty much unaffected by it after the fourth or fifth of the day. I’ve noticed that it’s actually extremely difficult to swallow while inhaling, but I also don’t “feel it in my lungs” like everyone else talks about. Damn, am I just being paranoid?
I know I sound new, and really, I am, but if I’m only smoking such a small amount a day, I might as well enjoy it. Sorry for being new hahaha.My advice is to try a stronger cigarette. Something like Marlboro reds will give you a good nicotine boost and the relaxation will last longer. When you smoke these regularly you will get very strong cravings after a while-this is just your body telling you that it needs its nicotine, this is where they are in a class of their own. You will not be able to resist the cravings and you will have to smoke but when you do you will also get much more relief and relaxation than you would from a light cigarette. So to sum up then-they will give you very powerful cravings but once you smoke you will get complete satisfaction and feel very relaxed as soon as your need for nicotine has been satisfied. You will also get hooked very soon as they are highly addictive. Enjoy-let us know how it goes and especially when you first find out that you cant stop.Really, inhaling and swallowing are two different things altogether. It’s obvious that you are doing it at least partially right, as you feel the nice lightheaded buzz to some degree. Smoke should be going directly and really, only, into your lungs when you inhale. Swallowing smoke into your stomach would most likely make any new smoker a bit ill, much like someone who accidentally swallows tobacco spit while dipping. Probably wouldn’t affect an addicted user quite as strongly, but I’ve known a good number of people who got turned off tobacco use by that feeling — something that’s not really supposed to happen anyway.
As for not feeling the buzz/light-headedness after the 4th-5th one of the day, I think a bigger factor is how far apart your smoking attempts are. At first, make sure to space them along with at least 2-3 hours between, so that the nicotine has time to metabolize. When you inhale, don’t try direct inhales at first; take a bit of smoke into your mouth, let it sit in your mouth for about a second, then inhale into your lungs — your chest will rise a bit as a result. Even when done correctly, belching after the fact will taste like smoke, since the air coming up passes back through your throat.
Eventually, if and when your smoking becomes more frequent, you may have less of the buzz sensation when you smoke. Don’t worry, though — this will be replaced by urgent cravings that, when fulfilled, provide an even better feeling.
Don’t worry about being new to smoking. Period. Lots of us that post regularly are fairly new to this, and just share what we’ve learned along the way. Whether you just want to experiment with smoking or you want to develop a self-image of being a smoker, we’re all here to help and discuss the topic.
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