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As the basis of cement machinery and equipment of cement vertical roller mill , as the bright younger generation, quickly occupied the cement equipment market, all this should be attributed to cement vertical mill There is nothing comparable to this five performance advantage.

1 advantages: technology imported from vertical mill grinding roller, grinding technology, optimize the working mechanism, to ensure that the finished cement particle shape perfect.

2 the quality advantage: We cement vertical cement mill production PC42.5 specific surface area reaches 3800cm2/g, the quality is stable and reliable, has been fully equipped with the ability to become the cement grinding system of finish grinding, are more than the customer approval.

3 energy saving advantages: single system power consumption 25kWh/t, reduce the power consumption of 15kWh/t than in a ball mill. That is to say: a 5000TPD cement clinker grinding years only energy saving: 15kWh/tX5000t/dX300d=2250 million kWh, namely a year grinding clinker cement factory can save 22500000 kwh of electricity.

4 delivery advantage: we have a large supporting cast steel companies and large machine shop, can meet the casting capacity single 120T, spare parts supply complete, greatly shorten the delivery period of cement vertical mill.

5 parts processing advantages: complete set of cement vertical mill parts, cast steel parts are independent production, especially we are world famous mill manufacturers –designated as the vertical mill roll to provide processing services, therefore, accessories,strong production capacity for the customer provides the guarantee late replacement parts.

In recent years our newly developed steel slag, slag vertical mill, vertical mill cement vertical mill, raw material vertical mill are your best choice, welcome new and old customers come to visit!

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