Former German Chancellor has stashed lightbulbs and 38,000 of his favourite

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Former German Chancellor has stashed 38,000 of his favourite menthol cigarettes… because he fears the EU will ban them

PUBLISHED:17:14 GMT, 9 July 2013 UPDATED:17:14 GMT, 9 July 2013

Former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt has a stash of 38,chanel sito ufficiale,000 menthol cigarettes in his home, because he fears the EU will try to ban them.

Lifelong nicotene addict Mr Schmidt,ghd straighteners, 94,ghd hair straighteners, puffs away on 40 a day and never appears on TV or in public without a filter tip in his hand or mouth.

Friends say he was ‘horrified’ to learn that Brussels is currently considering a ban on his only vice.

So he has stashed 200 cartons totalling 38,000 cigarettes of his favourite brand – Reyno – in his home.

Peer Steinbrueck, his old SPD party’s candidate standing against Angela Merkel in this autumn’s German general election,ghd straighteners, revealed his secret in a bid to derail the ‘unbearable regulation frenzy’ going on in Brussels.

Mr Steinbrueck admitted that he is a hoarder too – in his case special French lightbulbs that are also being targetted by Eu mandarins.

It has been reported that a carton of Reyno Menthols can cost around ?30.40, meaning his panic buying would have cost him more than ?6,burberry borse,080.

Chain smoking former ruler Mr Schmidt,ray ban, who was the chancellor of then West Germany between 1974 and 1982,lunette ray ban pas cher, is held in high esteem and affection by the public.

He is well known for being excused for smoking in places where it is banned.

Der Spiegel reports that the 94-year-old has in the past managed to get away with it both in television studios and congress halls,chanel outlet.

Mr Steinbrueck told the anecdote on Monday at a campaign event in Karlsruhe,cheap ghd.

He said: ‘The EU Commission must be dissuaded from trying to regulate everything in detail.’

During his time as West Germany’s chancellor he lead the country through Cold War tensions and a bloody wave of terror by far-left radicals, the Red Army Faction.

He won the Iron Cross for his services in WWII which included action on both the eastern and western fronts,chanel borse.


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