Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Converse Boots Rather Than Shoes

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Four Reasons Why You Should Buy Converse Boots Rather Than Shoes,parajumpers long bear parka

Converse boots are better than shoes for ALL kinds of reasons. They are more durable, They last much longer than shoes do,duvetica online. And they protect your feet from various terrains and dangers more so than shoes do. Really the list goes on and on! Many real life anecdotes can drive the point home so here are a few real life problems you might run into,duvetica italia shop!

– Moving objects around that are heavier than expected! It doesn’t matter if you are moving your friends stuff into a new place or if you work in a construction zone or warehouse. If you drop something on your foot wearing sneakers, chances are you will feel it and you will get hurt! If you wear Converse boots,kd weatherman shoes for sale, especially the steel toed boots, you can expect this to hurt a whole lot less!

– You are going hiking or walking to a place you have never been to before and you accidentally skid down the hill! If you had on a nice new pair of Converse boots this probably wouldn’t happen in the first place! But,Nike Soccer Shoes Online, if it did,Cheap Nike Soccer Shoes, your feet and legs would be more protected and would stop you from getting a sprained or broken ankle! I don’t know one pair of sneakers that can do this for you!

– You are in the military or other personnel position and you are forced to go to the desert – one of the hottest places on earth! If you have a pair of Converse for this instance,duvetica italia, your feet will be protected from the hot sand. Most Converse boots are surrounded by thick soles and padding. You simply cannot get this with regular shoes. In fact,Parajumpers Online Store, even mild-weathered places can melt shoes and the soles of sneakers!

– You live in a very rainy place or you are (again) some kind of a military personnel in a place where it rains a lot,giuseppe zanotti sneakers. Rain is a very important thing because it’s necessary to keep your feet dry or you might start having major problems such as foot rot,cheap Soccer Shoes sale! Not a pretty thing when you introduce water plus bacteria and even more of a problem if you don’t have the right shoes on,parajumpers sale free shipping! If you had Converse boots on you wouldn’t have any problems with this,Adidas Soccer Shoes For Sale!

Of course there are other instances,duvetica men’s collection. It should be noted that Converse boots are NOT just for Army or Military people,Adidas Soccer Shoes Sale.