Full automation design of sand making machine

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The new sand making machine is a high performance sand making equipment with advanced water products at home. The sand making machine developed by our company is integrated with crushing and plastic shaping and single function plastic, and the production of water and hydropower, high grade highway, high speed railway, bridge, building sand production and stone shaping, building aggregate, road fabric in the field of engineering. Cement concrete aggregate production, mining field before grinding process, thermal power metallurgical industry desulphurization, steel slag, broken environmental protection project equipment.

In view of different stone materials and different uses, by changing the feeding mode and core structure of the crushing chamber, the production and operation cost can be greatly improved on the basis of guaranteeing the particle size of the crushed stone. The main materials used include iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, limestone, quartzite, sandstone and so on.

Optimized arrangement design for long service life
The excellent impeller design greatly reduces the material passing resistance, improves the material passing and the crushing ratio, increases 10% to 60% compared to the traditional impact breaking efficiency; the optimized arrangement design of the wear-resistant material, increases the service life over 40%, and reduces the cost by more than 40%.

Full automation design of new system
The new oil filter system ensures that the bearing and other transmission devices are not accidentally worn, and the service life is increased. The special light oil lubrication circulation system ensures the temperature rise within 25 C; the new automatic protection device provides the machine with vibration, oil filtering, alarm and other early warning system, which can eliminate the hidden danger in advance.

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