Gal Mekel Dallas Mavericks Believe in Me

(Question:) Did you (Gal Mekel) have any other firm offer from NBA teams aside from the one you got from the Mavericks?
GM: Yes. We had some big interest from other three teams when I came here.
So why did you choose Dallas?
GM: They were very serious from the beginning. They gave me the feeling that they really believed in me and saw me as part of the team for a long time. I like this place, it s a great organization,Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez to Collaborate on a Song for J,Wholesale NFL Game Jerseys, people are very warm,game authentic nfl jerseys, really great people,Wholesale Washington Redskins Jerseys, and for me it s very important to feel this from the beginning. I m very happy with my decision. I hope I will get a footprint in this team for a long time.