gioielli tiffany until the Southern Song Dynasty and later the Tang Dynast

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Cao Cao’s tomb unearthed in Anyang triggered a massive discussion. At that time, just visit the University of Tokyo School returned from Han Seung-watched all reports of Anyang tomb. Meanwhile, Li also noticed this news. He focused Fudan University Professor Jin Li, director of Laboratory of Anthropology of Education,gioielli tiffany, said, willing to do stands out, “do not dare to fly out of the predicament of human genetics historical period.”According to the theory of genetics, most of the Y chromosome is inherited from a parent without restructuring mixed, by studying historical figures extant offspring Y chromosome,abercrombie outlet, can reveal the history of the paternal relationship between the characters. November 1998,louboutin, “Nature” magazine published an article pathologist Eugene “Jefferson is the father of the youngest son of the slave girl.” The professor took out the Y chromosome evidence that women who have the famous American president Nusa Li gave birth to a son.In the past six years,hogan rebel, the laboratory where Li collected DNA samples from more than 20 million copies of the Moderns. In the world’s 15 top Molecular Anthropology Laboratory to participate in “Genographic” program, they are responsible for a community survey in East and Southeast Asia. With these DNA samples,abercrombie and fitch paris, Li’s lab depicts a map of the genetic diversity among Asian nation of mankind.But if you want to find the descendants of Cao Cao, the scientists also need to draw historians “treasure map” that is, surnamed Cao, ran the family in China to find the distribution of migrations. Thus, he can find what you want to extract the Y chromosome. In schools “under the auspices of” colleagues.

Li Hui and Han Seung embarked cooperation road.On the one hand, Han Seung genealogical research and literature from the beginning. From the Tang Wei, Han Seung-dozen documents to re-turned again, and in thousands of epitaphs, the epitaphs are all surnamed Cao,chaussures louboutin pas cher, ran to find out. He also took a dozen students in Shanghai Tsao genealogy library to read 118 photocopies.On the other hand, announced the “Call surnamed Cao, ran male Y chromosome” message to let Li’s office phone ringing off the hook. Some even chartered from hundreds of kilometers away,abercrombie firenze, took a dozen people rushed to Fudan University,giuseppe zanotti basket, scrambling to roll up its sleeves, require blood.Zhejiang Jinyun Li also remember a high school teacher,tiffany collane, believes he is Cao Cao’s offspring. He did a lot of research, between the Song and Yuan Cao Cao’s descendants reason clearly. I heard that you want to check,hollister abercrombie, and quickly called me and said, “Dr. Lee finally found you.”Most of the time, according to Li Hui and Han Seung genealogy information, obtained phone,hollister milano, take 100 test tubes, carrying ice on the road. Han Seung volunteers responsible for the interview, and to provide them with genealogy “pictures”; and Li is responsible for blood. Sampling range includes both claiming to be Cao Cao, Cao Pi, Cao Zhi’s descendants,tiffany firenze, including (Cao ancestors “Three Kingdoms” recorded) claiming Cao descendants, surnamed Cao, ran general,barbour, Jaap surname and legends do not dare to flee because of the surname Cao operation name.China life science research methods of family.

nation and the process of its formationHistorical studies chopping off the road quickly thorns. In the literature it is not being noticed stacks of paper corner,abercrombie france, Han Seung found evidence of Cao Cao’s successors. According to the “Three Kingdoms” records,christian louboutin pas cher, Cao Cao Xiu’s nephew,doudoune moncler femme, was Cao Cao praised as “a thousand miles colt is also our home,” Li Wu, Wen, Emperor Ming dynasties, much reuse. Great-grandson in the Western Jin Cao vent when the regime to Luoyang warrant has been living in the center of power.”Luoyang make the equivalent of today’s capital mayor, deputy prime minister level,hollister soldes, also holds the capital garrison of military power.” Han Seung smiled and explained, “Is not recognize Sima family of royal status, change the position of doing good!”According to historical data, until the Southern Song Dynasty and later the Tang Dynasty,woolrich arctic parka, Tsao has long been treated as a nobleman.


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