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in order to force her back. Li Jiaxuan and her ex-husband have one son,giubbotti moncler, who was Li Jiaxuan’s maiden kindergarten.Hu Haibin Li Jiaxuan told through text messages they want to “kidnap her son” of this idea,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, I did not expect Li Jiaxuan and nothing happens. He has been in the field nursery door “extended stay” view, but he did not know Li Jiaxuan son looks like, so the “kidnapping” plan has failed to put into practice. And after receiving SMS, and immediately made contact with his mother, describing looks, let Mother “beware of this man.” At this point,christian louboutin outlet, Li Jiaxuan is firm and Hu Haibin completely “clean break” determination.Two similar “to give up hope before goodbye side”Hu Haibin more exhausted the means “seeking complex,” Li Jiaxuan more we want to stay away; and Li Jiaxuan fled to escape his attitude, so Hu Haibin Li Jiaxuan want to see the idea more strongly. Hu Haibin twisted mind every day,moncler piumini, continue to harass Li Jiaxuan texting her.Li Jiaxuan stand it,abercrombie pas cher, and finally told him that he had a new boyfriend facts, but also to tell the things. Chengbao Jiang knew his girlfriend has been subject to harassment after ex-boyfriend, on January 24, 2013 in the evening to called and do not let it happen again line harassment.Hu Haibin received a phone call angry,zanotti homme, cursed Chengbao Jiang, the two actually meet up to the last dispute, “Li Jiaxuan talk about things.” Hang up the phone.

at around 11:30 noon,parajumpers homme, about meet in a restaurant at the Qingpu District Court Zhao Zhen Ze cell door. Earlier, Hu Haibin been in the supermarket to buy a kitchen knife. A premonition of what will happen soon Chengbao Jiang Li Jiaxuan same requirements and go. 14:00 the same day, two men riding a friend driving a black car came to the meeting place. See Hu Haibin hold hands in the chest, one hand always on the clothes inside, Chengbao Jiang Hu Haibin glance who has knives, precaution vice cab from the Ottomans,hollister site officiel, he also pulled out a machete below, the two meet after Crazy knife cut each other. Li Jiaxuan met not far from this scene,christian louboutin discount, suddenly blindsided.An order to “take back his wife” and the other in order to “protect his girlfriend,” two young men in a violent way to show their “courage.” Cut each process Chengbao Jiang Hu Haibin was slashed in the head, pain can not predict with confidence choppers, knives dropped to the ground, then go out into the district where the escape. Unable to catch up with some chase after he was injured physically frail blood loss.

pain, accompanied by they went to a nearby hospital for treatment of Zhongshan. By this time,boutique christian louboutin, Hu Haibin bushes in the area struggled to come up with their own cell phone to call the 110 emergency call.Words on “mutual cut” right at the top, and eventually leading to Hu Haibin occipital scalp split record, right parietal bone fractures and back of the right shoulder and right shoulder cracked skin wound, constitutes a minor, resulting Chengbao Jiang left radial bone fractures and multiple body skin split record,abercrombie france, also constitutes a minor.Hospital “meet” each other to identify the twoAfter receiving the report.

Qingpu Zhao Lane Public Security Bureau police station arrived at the scene immediately disposed of at the scene found lying Ze Hu Haibin District Court near the entrance,abercrombie pas cher, body with multiple stab wounds, and later by the 120 ambulance rushed to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment of Zhongshan.In the hospital emergency room, Hu Haibin and Cheng Baoqiang two “bitter enemy” once again “quitting.” Hospital nurses have also been reported at the time, the police about the incident situation forward Chengbao Jiang, Hu Haibin just appeared,tiffany italia, Chengbao Jiang Bianxiang four weeks officers identified themselves Hu Haibin injury is being cut,piumino moncler, while Hu Haibin also identified the Chengbao Jiang to others.After investigation, active alarm after the incident.

after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, it is found that they have voluntarily surrendered themselves. Chengbao Jiang after appearing in court truthfully confessed his crime, has a true account of the plot. Qingpu District Procuratorate after examination that the two suspects intentionally causing physical harm to the other minor injuries, has been arrested for the crime of intentional injury,louboutin, so this duo the indictment. Spring, city kids because when you play catch tadpoles outing unfortunately drowned in the tragedy, when the media reported. On Saturday, the lake YuBeiOu Newtown Square, five and a half year old boy drowned after Rui-Rui was lucky — a strange middle-aged man, he decided to jump into the lake to hold up, this happened Patrol patrol, we waded Relay rescue … “hindsight, I am very scared and very guilty.” At noon yesterday, Rui-Rui’s father Daniel tracing notices posted at the lake,christian louboutin sale, hoping to find that strange middle-aged man to save the child.Adults playing cards chat forgotten wanderersOn Saturday noon, Daniel and other three families came to Newtown Square, grill and dish out from the car. Side of the sun and eating barbecue, adults are very happy wanderers.After dinner, the parents of adult leisure: sit and chat on the lake lawn playing cards.

still “not Jiehen” have to described himself and made a few contacts details,cheap christian louboutin, content unsightly SMS.Chengbao Jiang meet soon to think and solve the matter, the Hu Haibin Li Jiaxuan once again strongly imagine. But he knew that if there is no reasonable justification, Li Jiaxuan met no longer himself, so he made up a “reasonable grounds.” He told Li Jiaxuan, because when two people living together to buy air conditioners and other appliances, was also a part of the money, and now he had “completely lost hope,abercrombie & fitch,” and decided to put these appliances are sold, then give money to themselves back home.See Hu Haibin attitude became pale, Li Jiaxuan they agreed “one last time” request.Two young people meet with a knife cut each otherJanuary 26 this year.