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Apart from begging, he turned to pick up trash along the street,giubbotti peuterey, collecting bottles.This led to local media attention, after the report, the public has sent tens of thousands of donations.Matching fails, a person back to the Funan. Looking increasingly haggard father, Gao Hongtao discuss privately with his brother: “I told you Zanba rule, and I died of a.”Friends know after Gao Chuan advised him: “we are concerned about the social,nike tn 2014, Zeneng dead the first rule let’s have a dollar for a dollar?.”Gao Tao smiled, did not speak again.”Which really think he took this step.” Gao Chuan Friends sigh.Suicide scene”Smell the strong smell of pesticides.”Arrived on the scene, went straight to the top floor of the Friends of Gao Chuan.It was a dark and narrow passages, without any lighting. By incoming light from the corner of the window,air max pas cher chine, you can see faint gray wall stickers in a variety of wild advertising. Because no long-term cleaning.

Guo Hua Chiu heartache, “he Glenealy book hands are shaking.” Two days later, Gao Hongtao finally bid farewell to the campus because of extremely weak.This walk, he never came back.Lifelong regret”Brother, may of us are good.”Brother learned the sad news that afternoon, Gao Hong-hui came to the grave of his brother.In the graveyard of more than three hours sitting in the old days, along with his brother drip slowly in my mind, he first spur Guaiyuan brother, and then into deep remorse,barbour france, “I was like to enlighten you about … “If they are afraid to see too sad mother, Gao Hong-hui really want to lie on the grave of his brother cry.Last December 17 evening 9:00, Gao Hong-hui was wheeled into the First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University of the operating room. More than six hours later.

the doctor told Gao Chuan Friends: “kidney transplant was a success.”Gao Hong-hui recovered quickly, after ten days, his appetite has been close to the level of dialysis. But the big boys out of the dialysis machine is not happy, he was lying in bed eyes straight ahead,nike tn pas cher, preoccupied.”If my brother is still, we were probably will be all right.” Gao Hong-hui sighed.January 6, Gao Hong-hui discharged. Gao Chuan friends rented a room in a house near the hospital,nike tn 2014, the son of a week to facilitate review. Their home,air jordan pas cher, in addition to an old freezer.

a foot down, Jumping dust toward the foot.Fourth floor, Gao Hongtao temporary accommodation.Gao Chuan Friends push the door in this room of about 17 square meters, two sliding windows ajar,louboutin pas cher, a pedestal fan was still on the ground turn whining. Gao Hongtao quietly supine in short bed, face calm.His hands were stacked on top of the lower abdomen, right leg on the bed, his left leg and a half ride to the ground. A pair of blue slippers soft flat at random off the foot of the bed. Bedside, that the Department of 80 yuan to buy a second-hand black touch screen phone is still charging.If he’s looking blue and cold body.

Gao Chuan friends also feel his son just fell asleep.”I smell the smell of pesticide dichlorvos similar to an intense in him.” Friends of Gao Chuan told the “Legal Evening News” reporter, he later searched the house and the whole building around the hospital, have not found the bottle.In the right-hand trouser shorts in Gao Hongtao,louboutin homme pas cher, filled a suicide note, 680 yuan in cash and a July 22,toms online sale, 2011 dialysis invoice. Gao Chuan Friends inferred son should be in dialysis evening poisoned himself.In order not to affect the rental, Gao Chuan friends did not report the night is about to bury his son. In addition to all the students some kind of suicide note and insurance cards, Gao Hongtao had used mobile phones, etc., along with the 18-year-old boy together, buried underground.In the end there is no date on that page suicide note, Gonggongzhengzheng written about five hundred words – “Dad,giubbotto peuterey, Mom, you must take the good brother to save you if I left,louboutin homme pas cher, I did not want treatment,tn pas cher, but our family too! poorer … I miss home! want my classmates, my teacher wanted … but the reality is that I have no more than a year of entering the school gate … brother you have to adhere to treatment, cure, when told I cry, my brother I am very happy. “”I left, but his brother had saved.”Signs of suicide”Yam advised less mind to go”Gao Hongtao the outset not to give up.”Even if I can with two brothers and his wife a pair of matching success,hollister magasin, he would not go down this road.” Friends of Gao Chuan said Gao Hongtao before matching program has also smile, “Mom gave a kidney transplant brother, dad to me for . “All relatives and friends are aware of this change occurred after the juvenile matching fails.For this only two months of student teaching,cheap toms sale, teacher Guo Hua Chiu still impressed: “He studied very hard, always second class, third front sick very lively.

always with a smile.”It seems his brother,nike tn pas cher, since the know “Even successful kidney transplant, but also life-long medication,” Gao Hongtao become very depressed, always a man in a daze.Aunt Gao tree Chi also told the “Legal Evening News” reporter: “He told the people not the same as before, and my heart can not feel spade advised to go.”For dialysis, Gao Hongtao has repeatedly complained to his father “felt head to blow up.” Funan hospital hemodialysis room medical records of a Gao Hongtao 43 also confirmed that Gao Hongtao repeatedly raised palpitation, headache during dialysis.More than once he began talking to his brother: “I told dad you cure it, I dead.” He does not take medication,air max pas cher enfant, and even to the county dialysis, have repeatedly urged the mother. His temper gradually temper. He will rebuke because he is sick and buy fish and chicken mother, “these money can be used to see a doctor!”Nevertheless,pandora bijoux, this boy is trying to return to the classroom. Speaking Gao Hongtao dragging sick body swelling class scene.