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proper placement of the residents. But until today,giubbotti woolrich, the residents still did not move out from the dangerous years,basket louboutin, there is no relevant departments to confirm with them when we can move out. Why city leaders instructions failed to solve the problem, reconstruction secretary lanes of what Difficulties?Secretary of the lanes at prime location of Fuzhou Center Building 16, this narrow alley and Building 18 was built in the 70s of last century, the two buildings have 5 storey, dilapidated walls and towers built in all directions in stark contrast to the next.Residents: outside bricks are pink (of),giuseppe zanotti pas cher, and most of all brick powder, and a little hand touches on a very fine. Little touches, the walls are empty. Before houses are no cement. This seems to be going down omen.Circle around the building,doudoune moncler pas cher, with the naked eye can see a substantial foundation settlement, the building tilted serious. Residents in front of reporters, a bottle of mineral water and lying on the ground inside the building, without any help, then slid into the water bottle from one end of the building.Residents: This was originally the ground, you see, there is no help, he would himself slide down,air jordan femme, and soon ah,zanotti, you see,abercrombie london, this powerful right tilt.The inside of the building, the walls chunks fall off the wall seepage serious.Residents: rotting pipes, walls permeable,zanotti homme, bricks are decaying,tn air max 2014 pas cher, poke the wall falls out.This two dormitory buildings originally belonged to Fuzhou Public Security Bureau,christian louboutin, now property has been transferred to the state-owned property management center of Fuzhou. Fuzhou hazard identification station house in 1996 and twice in 2008 to identify the housing, these two buildings are identified as C-level dangerous. Appraisal report in 2008 showed that the building foundation to soften the whole building to the north ramp rate a maximum of 2.2%,louboutin pas cher, higher than the seven thousandths “dangerous building appraisal standards” more than three times.And buildings are separated by a wall Gulou District Branch Arts Palace.

continue to urge the Chinese Medical Association to do the rectification,abercrombie outlet, and to further strengthen the business executives, management of social groups,boutique louboutin paris, organizations, research, and improve management practices and promote its healthy and orderly development, social organizations to better serve the cause of health planning. “Song Shuli said.(Original title: National Planning Commission in response to the Chinese Medical Association Wei 820 million yuan of business income: the urge rectification)EdCNR network Fuzhou July 21 news (reporter Wei snow ), according to Voice of China “News” reported that some residents in Fuzhou,parajumpers paris, Fujian reflect to CNR News Hotline, they lived in old buildings located close to the Secretary of lanes 40 years, building the foundation subsidence, tilt seriously, even bearing walls has weathered loose. Fuzhou,barbour france, vice mayor in charge of urban construction and property management last year, twice making instructions as soon as possible to transform the dilapidated buildings.

1 to Grade 6 elementary school interest groups are all here, if one day the building suddenly collapsed,abercrombie, the consequences would be disastrous. Residents; what is the most dangerous, if Saturday weekend, the children ran track and field in the playground, when 1 to Grade 6 students will all will be overwhelming,giuseppe zanotti, so close.Twice the risk of house appraisal report identified Fuzhou station mentioned, due to lack of building the overall stiffness,doudoune parajumpers, seismic intensity does not comply with the Fuzhou area seven degrees seismic fortification requirements.