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transport authorities Taking into account the Zhou family situation is more difficult to prove Yunguanchu submitted poor location provided by the account, for humanitarian, it is not its top grid penalty.In addition, the reporter also saw Zhou Ming and JianTaoShu submitted an undertaking, the undertaking is entrusted his wife Miss Wang Zhou Ming written content is roughly: Zhou was illegally soliciting illegal facts on August 1 was processed by Dazhou Yunguanchu, So what caused Zhou Ming finger rests disability medical expenses I assume nothing to do with transportation management.After learning the results, Zhou Ming’s wife Miss Wang said that many acquaintances are aware of this matter, to the family caused a lot of unnecessary trouble, and now you and your family want to live well,giubbotto woolrich, do not want to mention the matter.Chengdu Chinese Commercial News intern reporter Zhou.

soon began numb hands,nike air max, hands almost without domination, stiff fingers began, but she was only one thought in mind: “I have to first ensure the safety of passengers.” This is a simple idea, support Fu Xiuli hold back with great pain, the car safely pass traffic post, smoothly parked on the roadside. Many passengers do not know why the car did not stop at the site, have to ask questions. Fu Xiuli difficult to support and guide the passengers to get off after the transfer to other buses, slumped to the driving position. Several passengers found careful exception, asking her situation, and the first time to call 120 for help, but have to get off the passengers,abercrombie london, also returns after another car, accompanied by Fu Xiuli wait for the arrival of the ambulance together.Send to safely stop the vehicle from the disease, the flow of passengers, which is a short 5 minutes,chaussure louboutin pas cher, with her strong will, excellent service levels to protect the safety of the whole car six or ten passengers; it is this flash for five minutes, let Fu Xiuli name spread to every corner of the city of Changchun, her life has become a particularly dazzling bloom.Recall the case of the day,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, eyes moist, “I really did not expect so many passengers will come back,barbour soldes, they were all put down their own thing.

do not expect to get so much in return.”Fu Xiuli now have a new start; a growing number of passengers in the car, asked them about her physical condition; and Fu Xiuli also arranged his own car, “Changchun good” theme car, she want to have Changchun is more good you remember, I hope to repay the society with their work, service passengers.July 23,jordan pas cher, Florida man Zhou Ming (pseudonym) with a private car carrying a pregnant woman,parajumpers paris, settled 10 yuan fare inspection team was caught in the positive with law enforcement officers, private cars have been withheld. The next morning,escarpin louboutin, Zhou Ming City Yunguanchu inspection team to reach the office, with a kitchen knife to chop off his left little finger, claiming his innocence, equipped only for pregnant women to do good, you want to reclaim the car were detained. ()Yesterday.

the Chengdu Business Daily reporter learned something from Dazhou Yunguanchu latest developments, currently Zhou Ming has admitted that his actions are illegal operation, after JianTaoShu hand, pay a fine, private cars have been by his wife Miss Wang took the lead back.”Self-injurious behavior such as finger is we do not want to see, but the fairness of law enforcement will not change because of this behavior, how to deal with, how have to deal with.” Yesterday morning,abercrombie and fitch, Dazhou Yunguanchu inspectors battalion told Chengdu Business Daily reporter.Liming Yong According to reports, August 1 Yunguanchu Zhou Ming issued “administrative punishment decision,” the final decision on its fine. Copy of the invoice to pay a fine display, Zhou Ming principal Miss Wang did on the same day to pay fines. The fine is based on “Measures for Investigating unlicensed” Article XIV, for someone of the offense of illegal vehicles,chaussure jordan, can be made “2 million fine,” the penalty decision,red bottoms, in the penalty process.

people can not imagine, just two months ago, she experienced a kind of life and death moment.Source: Jiangxi TV “Morning New Horizons”At 14:00 on June 13, 39-year-old Fu Xiuli usual,hollister soldes, driving buses depart from the fleet. Turn right Fu Xiuli began to feel difficulty in breathing, chest tightness,hogan sito ufficiale, but the right side of the car is: However, 20 minutes later, when reaching the Changchun Jiefang Road interchange traffic with gay street gang when unusual things happen lane, traveling by car flocked “I can not allow passengers to get off here, ah,parajumpers pas cher, too dangerous.” thinking about a car full of passengers, and she can only try to breathe, try to adhere to, you want to drive evacuation of passengers over traffic post again. Due to poor breathing.

to care about me, really touched me in particular.” After admission, pay Beauty has been caring community,air max pas cher pour femme, a passenger in the car that day spontaneously to the hospital to visit the most beautiful woman driver dutifully; Jilin Provincial People’s Hospital in that the situation,parajumpers pas cher, will the exemption of all her medical expenses; June 21, Changchun municipal leaders to the hospital to visit condolences,cheap louboutins shoes, and grant Fu Xiuli “Changchun good citizen” in the title; Changchun bus from a leading research team decided to upgrade exceptional three-star driver … all of this, Let not imagine, she said:. “I think I just did a little thing.