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I do not know how to answer. Melanie will generally daughters ranging in age from “on” to “Moon”,giubbotto woolrich, 13-year-old Brooke if she would tell others have 13-month-old Brooke; if Brooke 17 years old,hollister pas cher, she said she had “17 months “big.Brooke has three sisters loved her: 22-year-old Emily,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, 19-year-old Caitlin and 14-year-old Carly. Three sisters are like a normal healthy 14-year-old Carly Although nominally Brooke’s sister, but she is a very competent “sister” in life, often accompanied Brooke play. According to the sisters, said Brooke’s temper sometimes like an adolescent girl,hogan scarpe, is “treason.”Scientists hope to find “old genes.”Johns Hopkins School of Medicine pediatrician Lawrence Pakula since Brooke was born, it has always been her doctor. Pakula said Brook suffering from a still undiagnosed cause has yet to name a rare syndrome,air jordan, Brooke is perhaps the world’s only one suffering from this rare abnormal person. Medical experts are of the cells and DNA samples were studied Brook.

scientists believe, some control Brook vivo human aging gene mutated,doudoune moncler femme, cause the time she was “frozen” in the infant state! If this gene can be isolated from it, then it can provide important clues as to why the human problems of aging and death.It is reported that this week, more than the world’s leading experts in aging research will attend the meeting organized by the Royal Society of London, to discuss Brook’s “old mystery.Internet rumors that the 20 minutes the temperature rise 5 �, by the reporter verified as nonsense, but also harmful to the bodyWork tired and want to make a sick leave, but why the body is extremely healthy,doudoune moncler homme, how to do? Recently.

rumors on microblogging “sick guide,” said a short time to eat toothpaste can elevate body temperature, absolutely harmless to the body,abercrombie & fitch, so that you can call in sick with a fever for a reason. This “sick Guide” is effective? Really harmless it? Yesterday,barbour femme, reporters and friends were verified by experiment.Eat more, “burn” the more important?”Technology stickers,parajumpers paris, muffled Fat burning teach you, an hour on the back, work,woolrich milano, school, nirvana leave early it!” Recently,doudoune pjs, one began to spread called “sick Guide” on Sina Weibo post. The microblogging claimed that the use of toothpaste, mints and Sprite, you can elevate body temperature less than 5 �.

the greater the dose, the longer burn time and absolutely harmless to the body, an exercise in “work,moncler soldes, school,moncler uomo, the good and leave early party. “Reporters saw in microblogging, implementation steps “to enhance the body temperature,abercrombie london,” the very simple, first toothpaste applied to the temples and mints,hollister site officiel, toothpaste and then coated chew mints eaten, at least two; eating mints with Sprite wash, take a deep breath, eat a few mints; After completing the above steps, take a deep breath for 10 minutes, the temple will be slightly hot.

changing diapers every day by their parents. She still only babbling, not walk. In addition to the outside looks like a baby, Brooke intelligence also stay in the infant state. However,abercrombie paris, she also suffered a series of life-threatening health problems, including stroke, epilepsy, etc., as if her body has not yet grown to premature aging of the same.US medical experts carried out a series of Brooke treatment, found her body there are many “paradox” – the degree of aging of each part of her body is not the same! For example, 17-year-old Brooke still long teeth, but her bone age was more like a 10-year-old children. Doctors have suggested that Brooke’s parents for her injection of growth hormone, growth hormone therapy but did not produce any results.According to 48-year-old Brooke’s mother Melanie said, whenever she went to a nearby supermarket to go shopping, to be used for strollers onto daughter Brooke. Melanie said: “She likes me to go shopping together, like an ordinary girl like.” However, whenever the other strollers with children shopping met Melanie’s mother and asked her curiously stroller How much time in Brook,doudoune pjs, Melanie often feel very embarrassed.