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the child issued a report on my application accounts,giuseppe zanotti, user consent issued proof of the village, the family planning birth certificate and hospital medical birth permit these four things,giubbotti moncler, we definitely give the child households. “The local police said that as long as the relevant certificate can be issued on households, which” could not have no responsibility to verify “relevant to prove authenticity.In the course of the investigation, Li Yue presented to reporters October 11, 2011 after the birth of a child-related agencies issued “birth certificate” of the original. “The original proof of the child’s birth has been on me, I do not know how legitimate the child’s account is reported up?” Li Yue questioned.[IPPF] issued false certificates to the home on the familyLocal police statement,barbour paris, when do accounts,nike tn pas cher magasin, “Can not have no responsibility to verify the” relevant proof of authenticity. But reporters found that the family is precisely the use of false prove successful “whiten” the identity of the child. As early as October 28, 2011, should be sent to the couple set about to declare the child’s account.Chenxi County deputy director of Population and Family Planning Bureau responded on the matter,abercrombie outlet, he said,christian louboutin uk, should be sent to the couple belong to the rural household and the first viviparous daughter,barbour soldes, in line with national policy can have a second child birth, and early Procreation made two tires. He explained that the couple should have been sent out to work,parajumpers femme, when the children on account of the couple did not return home,escarpins louboutin, but by his father to a rural family planning requirements issued by relevant evidence.

Pan Biao told reporters: “This shows that the child should be sent to the couples can not be considered ‘legitimate adoptions’.”[Police] can be issued by the relevant proof on households”People’s Republic of China Adoption” provisions of Article 16 of the “post-adoptive relationship is established, the public security departments should be in accordance with relevant state regulations for handling household registration adoptee.” In the issue of missing children, the reporter found that although the civil affairs department clear “Adoption is not a” child or Li Yue Huang Xikou police station on the account successfully achieved local legal status.November 25,hogan, the reporter called Huang Liu Yuanbing Xikou police station residence police. told reporters on the phone: “We are the household registration system according to national regulations on account of the child.

the police station is necessary to do accounts. Public security departments to family planning, hospitals can review the material form, and there is no obvious flaws could formalities on style. Out of units to be issued by the authenticity and legality of the administrative responsibility for their own behavior. If there is false, their higher authorities will be held accountable.EpisodeThe court released the official microblogging qualitative conclusions?Provincial Public Security Bureau: anyone not authorized releaseLocal propaganda department: unclear how microblogging releasedAt 23,abercrombie femme, the truth is not white, the microblogging real-name authentication, Huaihua City People’s Government Information Office is responsible for the “Huaihua release” microblogging release signed “Chenxi County Public Security Bureau,” the micro-Bo,hogan outlet, on the merits of missing children “Description” . In this regard, the Provincial Public Security Department made it clear that “unauthorized”; Huaihua Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department,chaussure louboutin pas cher, said “knowledge”; Huaihua Municipal Public Security Bureau said he “has been carried out on the responsible person accountable.” But as of 25 evening 11:00.

and should be sent to the rice peach love couple have a teenage daughter, they are impossible to meet the criteria for adoption.” also introduced to legal adoption, birth parents, adoptive parties must reach agreement after the county (including county) above the Civil Affairs Bureau registration, in order to be protected by state law, is a legitimate adoption. November 24, reporters in Chenxi County,abercrombie france, Huaihua City Bureau of Civil Affairs has reviewed the 2011 adoption registration records, but did not consult to the appropriate hair,louboutin shoes, peach couple had a love meter adoption registration information.Chenxi County Civil Affairs Bureau of Social Affairs and Social Welfare Unit.

and that the child should be sent to the couple’s own. said that until June of this year, the health department investigation found that the couple should be sent back to the birth of a child is not to send the father should provide to the child health department are also forged birth certificate. “We have the child legally characterized as unplanned birth, need to make the appropriate punishment.” said.[Public Security Bureau] is a civil dispute adoptive relationshipAlthough the civil affairs department said “do not belong to adoption,” the health department also admitted that “proved fake accounts,” but on the 24th,basket louboutin, Huaihua City Public Security Bureau Publicity Division of the Political Department Li Helin told reporters, Chenxi County Public Security Bureau considers that the case does not constitute a criminal case, is a field adoptive relationship civil legal disputes. Dismiss the case because there is no trafficking facts, does not meet the Elements,cheap christian louboutin shoes, “Criminal Law” provisions of the crime of trafficking in children.Huaihua City Public Security Bureau spokesman further explained that the segment with the world the parties do not get paid for the purpose of selling, which is twenty thousand dollars payments, hospital bills.In addition,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, why not have a birth certificate of a child can be on the account, Li Helin explained that as long as the formalities are complete.