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nearly 20-year-old Fan in line to buy a cottage version uniforms, a few self-timer,giuseppe zanotti homme, “according to a police uniform,” circle of friends uploaded to the major sites, the number of women in this firm. Then, he once again in the name of love, the woman’s money cheat. French has long arms. Recently, police in the city Chongchuan a hostel would pseudonym “Zhang” Fan suspects arrested.The evening of August 4, girls Xiaoyan recognize a strange man on the QQ. This is the name of a man surnamed Zhang, who lives in Hangzhou, Suzhou claiming,scarpe hogan outlet, and now a police academy school. Zhang Xiaoyan told himself the next day to travel to Nantong, Xiaoyan would like a tour guide. Xiaoyan hospitality gladly promised. The next morning,hollister outlet, in a hotel door to see Xiaoyan Zhang, Zhang Yan Xinsheng handsome appearance so that small favor. During play, Zhang Xiaoyan suddenly raised, and Xiaoyan want to swap cell phone use on the grounds that he is want to buy Apple phone,louboutin pas cher, would like to try Xiaoyan Apple phone really easy to use. Xiaoyan did not think,abercrombie, they agreed Zhang requirements. Subsequently,abercrombie milano, Zhang said he urge his brother to a police station in the work to help, hurry and Xiaoyan byes. The next day,doudoune moncler homme, Zhang Xiaoyan call request in exchange for the phone. Zhang Dodge something,abercrombie pas cher, also known as the afternoon. But when Zhang Xiaoyan afternoon when the phone call again, Zhang phone already shut down. Moment, Xiaoyan realize that they may be cheated, call the police for help.The investigation,ciondoli tiffany, a 20-year-year-old Fan,woolrich italia, Qidong people. According to Fan explained that he had a childhood dream police. But after graduating from middle school.

he never went to school. In 2012, a crime was sentenced for fraud Fan 1 year. Surprisingly yes,barbour femme, just released from prison in June this year, Fan repent, trick, cheat several women cash, necklace,tiffany orecchini, mobile phone and other items worth more than 30,000 yuan involved. Currently, Fan criminal detention by the police. Waiting for him, will be severely punished by law.Recently, Wuxi Children’s Hospital child protection has become particularly busy,abercrombie outlet online, original Recently, to measure the IQ of students increased significantly. Turned out to be some of the teacher asked the class of poor students to do “IQ test”,louboutin paris, parents reflect poor performance is due to the child’s legs dragged classes, affecting class results. Yesterday, reporters learned that the minority school teachers because of poor academic performance of students, requiring parents to take their child to the hospital for “IQ test” approach. Wuxi City Board of Education and municipal DuDaoShi jointly issued a notice, is prohibited for Middle School Students “IQ test”,tiffany gioielli, the two departments will carry out special inspection, the existence of such wrong practices of schools and teachers.

in all kinds of Pingyoupingxian in “a veto.”Newspaper reporter Ding Bo(Integrated Jiangnan Evening News)Parents: ask a doctor to change the low IQ scoresAccording to local media reports, Wuxi, some parents actually want doctors to give their children’s IQ shot low scores.

The very fact that 58-year-old divorced single for many years,nike air max 1, has been looking for his wife. Staff introduced to meet with several men,hogan, but did not progress. On Friday, the staff also recommended a man with her interview. Three in the afternoon,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the man first went. Unexpectedly, etc. Ms. Zhang arrived, took one man still around. She explained that this was a fortune teller, to see each other’s birthdates and their own do not fit together.Emotional experts have lamented, “This approach is easy to let the other offensive, single people own prejudices often become the main cause of long-standing.” After persuasion, the very fact that it abandon plans to attend the January 12 in the Grand Theatre in Qintai blind date, I hope naturally encountered partner. Current enrollment continues, a single person can be valid ID for registration. Registration URL:(Original title: Ms. blind also with a fortun90 men posing as police set up a trap Kengren studentsChina Jiangsu Network August 15 (Reporter correspondent Cao Min Daichen Chen Xing Minjiang) “School students posing as police can reduce people’s preparedness.” So I thought.