Giuseppe Zanotti Paris after the Supreme Court approved the death penalty

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” specifically referred to this issue. In the United States there is a probation department,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, the equivalent of sentencing recommendations sector is the court’s right-hand man, from where they can learn the offense and the defendant’s living conditions, such as his family, education, work, and his medical or mental on the issue, including his criminal history.According to the law,air max femme pas cher, if upheld the sentence of the death penalty, after the Supreme Court approved the death penalty, the death penalty is necessary for seven days. I think this system is not properly designed, murder or not anxious as well. Like this case, after the court was finished, you really want to understand the client’s personality, background, so that it more scientific,louboutin heels, to prevent a simple “Sharenchangming.”6, the Beijing News: The students made this appeal is legitimate? If there is demand, how to express?Liu Renwen: I think the legitimate aspirations. Because they do not have to interfere with the judiciary, but the letter sent to the court of second instance, ask them to consider the court to facilitate a better understanding of the situation, to understand the background of the parties.The judge should not receive these letters, which should be considered included in the scope of sentencing? There is no clearly defined. In order to better absorb public opinion,christian louboutin outlet, we should have something like “amicus curiae” system. Such as a request letter like this should have a kind of threshold, receiving and forwarding, the contractor should not judge the volume inside the court by what mechanism, etc., should be standardized.7,parajumpers paris, the Beijing News: their demands would work?Liu Renwen: As their demands are valid, I think, “pleading letter” Judge for reference only. In fact the judge should not interfere with public opinion,hogan scarpe, but in this case China, many people will help the media, there will be some pressure on the judge, I was very worried after reading some leading to the court some instructions.If the judge in the absence of external pressure.

calmly look at these pleading letter,christian louboutin paris, I do not think there is anything wrong, but he was in favor of comprehensive thinking. Afraid Under China’s current judicial system, the status of the judges is not very high, if subjected to external pressure,christian louboutin outlet, regardless of the final outcome unjust justice, the rule of law is not the result of a healthy functioning.8, the Beijing News: According to the reports,christian louboutin discount, is a lawyer who advises Fudan students to write a letter pleading,red bottom shoes, let Lin family, classmates and the victim’s father, Huang Yang communicate, do their utmost to obtain his understanding. This lawyer is suspected of interfering with the judiciary?Liu Renwen: I basically mean is that if a lawyer just give advice, no problem, because the letter written pleading or for students and teachers to write their own will, without whom blackmail, seduction or deception. Of course, if the lawyer directly or indirectly taken hostage,christian louboutin outlet, temptation or deception, it is certainly unethical.

but teachers and students accused of Fudan voice still accounts for a large proportion. At the same time need to reflect that, why only the “pleading letter” Such a normal expression of public opinion sent to the court,christian louboutin sale, would be so much opposition?2, the Beijing News: Signature “pleading letter” of teachers and students, whether or not, as some people accused of “literacy”?Liu Renwen: First of all,woolrich, no matter who has the right to express demands, whether it has legal knowledge and their own not so much. Second,zanotti, even if a “literacy”, and it is not blamed. Courts should use all possible channels to listen to public opinion, as long as the public is not being coerced.3, the Beijing News: how to listen to public opinion abroad court it?Liu Renwen: abroad there is a “amicus curiae” (or translated as “Friends of the Court”) system. Simply put, “amicus curiae” either not litigants, can be any one organization or individual, in response to the request of both parties to the proceedings,doudoune moncler pas cher, or voluntary, make relevant information and legal interpretation of legal instruments to the court to assist proceedings, or to let the judge know more about the dispute lies. People who make such a legal instrument, known as “amicus curiae.” The teachers and students of Fudan University “pleading letter”, a bit like “amicus curiae” abroad.4, the Beijing News: Some people think, “signed by less than 1 percent of teachers and students,parajumpers paris,” a joint public appeal and the number of a relationship?Liu Renwen: The focus of attention,peuterey prezzi, or should be placed “pleading letter” itself is not in the facts and the truth, there is no evidence to support, rather than on the number of accounts for what percentage plea.How many numbers can reflect part of the problem,hollister paris, but not as the main indicator to measure the problem.”Sentencing judge” need to return to law5.

the Beijing News: I noticed a detail, “pleading letter” is after the Shanghai Second Intermediate People’s Court initiated. Fudan University, Professor Xie Baisan one of the sponsors, said, “Hao Sen suspect sentenced to death immediately, then, that there is something wrong,” “court for sentencing,” the question how to see?Liu Renwen: China’s current sentencing court stressed that the aim is to prevent post-secret operations, judicial corruption and other phenomena occur, but I think this issue should be dialectically. I wrote an article called “The US Justice observed detail – with a US judge’s communication.