Giuseppe Zanotti Paris “My dad hurt in Shanxi coal mine work

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I can support a family.”Procter & Gamble Company Manager: summer vacation can often see college students to help their parents to sweep the streets”August 25, the baby in the afternoon to go to school to report in the morning to help her dad was still cooking,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, noon to sweep the ground for a moment. Look at the time it was too late, only to rush back to school.” Yang Yang Li said Beiyuanmen Procter & Gamble Company as there are many such children Frances, “where a total of more than 300 of our cleaning staff, they rely on 960 yuan monthly salary confessed to more than 20 students, of which there are two graduate students.””Sometimes when I finish back Beiyuanmen sanitation workers living quarters, but also to see the other students, they are also used to help parents work in.” Frances told reporters, just start your own broom clean clothes to wear street sanitation, my heart is a little uncomfortable. “The owner is also home to a convenience store to ask me,abercrombie paris, will not feel embarrassed? I just smiled. Then see other students are also helping parents to sweep the streets, and slowly let go.” According introduction, every summer vacation, area college students will always appear cleaner streets, “a few days ago has not started, and we have five or six students this baby to help parents work. baby who is not easy, sanitation workers are less likely to . “The reporter intern reporter Jin dove HodgkinEdit speakMy child, you really goodFor parents of children within its power to do something, and nothing would have been. Frances reason attention and praise,moncler, because the current urban households in general, children in addition to learning the main tasks, rarely involved in household chores. Coupled with social prejudice against manual labor, some children even despise manual workers, not to mention for the parents to sweep the road. Can be used as a female college student, Frances frankly do these things, and her children like the cleaning staff,scarpe hogan, many children are quietly doing the same thing. Let us see these kids industrious.

I for her to Shashi.”According to Jiang Guangrong introduction Beiyuanmen cleaning company manager, talk of the town here is their night cleaners. Always need to work overtime because of staff shortage, finished the night shift value,air max pas cher enfant, and sometimes during the day and have to work overtime. In order to make more money, put the talk of the town during the day to work overtime to a daughter.”My dad was too hard, he has five years old, and still do heavy work. If I did not want to study,escarpins louboutin, so my father would not dry weight of living …” interview, Frances filed father sobbed and said, “My dad hurt in Shanxi coal mine work, this should not be as porters. that live too tired,christian louboutin outlet, because I … “Frances said she was a junior this year,cheap christian louboutin, and next year you can graduate, although she wanted to graduate school, but really distressed father’s body, “if graduates can find a good job.

“Neighbors because Frances,piumini peuterey, also met the father of Master Li Qingqing, where he sweep the road for many years. “Sometimes to see Master Li to pick her daughter back. So sensible to have a baby, I really envy.” “This kid is OK, month onward. As long as her father’s class, she early on to sweep . “Master Li’s colleague Yang Yang Li said Frances came from holiday start double Jen House Street, work for my father, now almost a month. “I’ve never seen a baby lazy. A few days ago it always rains, one day to go to work at noon today’s heavy rain, saw the baby wearing a raincoat sweep pick ah, ah,nike store, I really wait any longer,parajumpers homme, tears down.”Nearby residents said, also saw the little baby girl in the big street sweeping rain scene, many people still talk, said:. “After this we have to take the street to keep ah.”Street sweeping female students: If I did not want to study, so my father would not dry weight of living”I’m naive, I know baby, watching baby suffer,doudoune moncler pas cher, and I feel bad.” Master Li said,abercrombie pas cher, his home in Shangzhou, his wife sick in poor health, the family’s only income is his salary to do the cleaning staff. Daughter Frances in 2009 admitted to the Xi’an University of Technology. As for the children to study, he found copies of odd jobs, taking advantage of the summer holidays the children in the community convenient recycling waste handling,parajumpers paris, and sensible daughter for him sweep the street during the day to work overtime. “No matter how bad, baby this year’s tuition scrounge enough. For girl reading, have the strength to work. Baby to study for Shashi.

filial piety and other traditional virtues heritage. Currently, Frances also the courage to let teachers and students know their real names, we have concerns about a child can understand. But we want to tell these kids,abercrombie paris, you are really good.Taiwan Network September 13 (Strait Herald reporter Liu Zhen Xu Yu-mei correspondent text / Chart) as the village director, district deputies,air max bw pas cher, many halo on Longwen Zhangzhou Lantian Town Village Chun Chen hill. It is such a person can come up with 260,000 yuan, together with the manufacture of counterfeit cigarettes wanted counterfeiting.After the matter was brought to light,abercrombie france, Chen Shan voluntarily surrender, admitted that “he had been too greedy.”It is reported that the case case value of over 180 million. Yesterday, Longwen District Public Security Bureau of Economic Investigation Team, to produce and sell fake or substandard products, Chen Hill for four people drew Longwen District Procuratorate arrested.Counterfeiting: 260,piumino moncler,000 yuan investment partnershipAs the case of the second principal, 51-year-old Chen is Longwen mountain town Lam Chun head village director.