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but the media has been reported in the territorial dispute concerns the right-wing, very few reports of our (‘comfort women’) activities.”She introduced the Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education, the LDP headquarters regeneration education, are to promote education rightist right-wing forces. “In the final analysis is the question of history education, the right-wing also recognized. They want to re-build the country since strikes generation, can be like when the militarist government of the times, as it is necessary to revise education.”Surprisingly, these “comfort women” facts researchers rarely online. But this is not because they are “behind the times.””This is because the Japanese right-wing attacks overabundance, or do not look as good.” Rumi Nishino son said that once she accidentally search his name, actually found a lot of pictures of her life. “I do not know what time.

from newspapers to television media are ‘self-regulation’, without any coverage. Right-wing Liberal Democratic Party also criticized Toru Hashimoto,Giuseppe Zanotti Paris, but mainly because of his discrimination against women,tn, who also do not face up to history. “Historical issues is educationThe most famous is the beautification of aggression “New History Textbook.” So far,air max bw pas cher, the right-wing political forces in Japan are still trying to promote this textbook.Since 1997, Abe right-wing members of Congress gathered in Japan,peuterey, formed a “thinking the future and history education in Japan Youth Members will,tn,” he himself president.Members of this organization,hollister pas cher, and now removed the “youth” of the word, still active in. In 2007, the US House of Representatives proposed a motion “The Japanese government should ‘comfort women’ issue an apology,cheap toms sale,” the later, the members of the public organization ” comfort women ‘is not sex slaves, prostitutes is voluntary, there is no abuse, “the letter sent to the United States House of Representatives.”Before 1997, Japan’s history textbooks are written in the Second World War ‘comfort women’ issue,louboutin femme, but pa ‘comfort women’ issue have been crazy right-wing attacks, from the beginning of 2012, GM’s high school history textbooks have this part deleted. “Eriko Ikeda sighed.Deleting this part of the responsibility.

where being photographed.”For them,red bottom pumps, the telephone threats, personal attacks is already commonplace.

who owns what?Japan and South Korea together represent common sense Tawara text historiography Committee believes that the initiator of “The Japanese government,air max 1 pas cher, the Ministry of Education and the Liberal Democratic Party politician.””In this strong political pressure, textbook publishers have to ‘self-examination’,christian louboutin soldes, delete the ‘comfort women’ account of history. At the same time, the textbook selection system throughout Japan are slowly turning to the right.”In August 1999, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Education,toms outlet, Tokyo books, educational publishing,barbour paris, Imperial College and other publishers are deleted “army” and “mandatory forced” words.But the Japanese book publishers once resisted the pressure,nike tn soldes, the 2002 edition of the textbooks still retains the “comfort women” content, but more than other publishers increased the facts described in the Japanese aggression. Right-wing “New History Textbook” Commission “Sankei Shimbun” Japanese book publishers will attack as “the most masochistic.”According to the text describing justice Tawara, 1997, Japanese books textbook publishers have chosen 21 zones in 23 district in Tokyo, but in 2002, this number dropped to two. In 2006,tn pas cher, the figure finally become zero.But Ikeda Eriko still continue to pass the historical truth. WAM published for students of “comfort women” issue of history textbooks. “Because of China’s comfort women is so miserable,barbour catalogue, the Japanese government simply refuse to take responsibility for compensation apology, the Japanese are willing to come out to testify and few veterans,abercrombie hollister, we can not give up.”Use textbooks published before 1997 Japanese generation,nike tn, already know the “comfort women” facts. But after more than a decade now, the Japanese young people want to learn this history, it is difficult to have a chance.Nishino Rumi son believes the responsibility not only in textbooks, and in the mass media. “I think as long as there is the opportunity to be able to pass the historical truth.