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Jiaming really paid a lot,escarpin louboutin, including his love. He never thought about being a bottom Cuozao workers actually lit the other way in his life. Three years of efforts,air max bw pas cher, Li Jiaming in playing circles has been a minor celebrity. 7, he Chuaizhuo hard stored more than 100,000 yuan into the Changchun Institute of beauty hospital.From the bathhouse to playing arenaYesterday morning, in the research plastic surgery hospital, Jiaming told reporters about his story.Jiaming 25-year-old home in nine, was born in the countryside, he grew to love to sing.

small and micro-shaping trauma, recovery is short,hollister france, almost does not affect performance; open surgery soon become a ‘daughter face’ can not be reversed.

because the family was poor,hogan sito ufficiale, Jiaming never graduated from junior high school drop out to help their parents at home crafts. 19 years old, came to Changchun Li Jiaming,jordan pas cher, was introduced to relatives, Jiaming in a bathhouse and became a Cuozao work. Wages,zanotti femme, while small, but Jiaming in the bath “appreciation” of the art show, not when the actor playing some contact. Let Jiaming did not expect is that a cross-dressing entertainer said his height, posture, demeanor are more suitable for playing,nike store, and good voice, singing very well, you can try to take this path.Considering the gap Cuozao workers work environment, income and playing artists,louboutin femme, combined, Jiaming own singing efforts have been very confident,abercrombie, 21 years old, Li Jiaming step by step began playing performances. Jiaming singing and acting talent has been widely recognized by the audience,moncler, but as an actor playing his angular facial contours and rough skin on stage made him “appearance” is not satisfactory.Plastic secretly want to save moneyLi Yugang artists playing popular in the north and south, he became Jiaming idol. Jiaming live frugally, save money little by little up, but he had to be handsome,barbour paris, handsome face into a beautiful face, the idea for Jiaming, parents and his girlfriend do not understand, but it was a less than Yellow Jiaming Heart undead look. He tried to convince parents and his girlfriend, and ultimately the parents agreed, but his girlfriend because of unacceptable and chose to leave. “I have no problem with orientation, I was a normal man, in the future I will get married and have children, playing is an art.

In addition, it can also horizontal rotation, or the same as the great white shark predation jumped out of the water, pounced nearly four meters in the air.”Shark submarine” cool appearance and many other features makes people feel stimulated not help think of the 007 series of films,woolrich outlet, James? Bond’s secret weapon, a US Navy officer engaged in research work even personally went to the “shark submarine” is located North Carolina’s manufacturing base, hoping to derive inspiration.”Shark submarine” maker,tiffany milano, millionaire Robert? Yien Si said shark submarine cost up to 60,000 pounds (about 640,000 yuan), is seeking to stimulate the super rich entertainment toys. He decided to push his new invention for commercial production, and has received a large number of orders.Enter to view more wonderfulCity Evening News in playing a determination to keep going this way art.

and I think in this art, I really find himself.”Perfectly into the hospital for plastic surgeryOctober 7 morning, Li Jiaming into the plastic surgery hospital. “Doctor, I want plastic surgery, I want to be the girl’s face, the prettier the better!” Li Jiaming, then the Changchun � cosmetic plastic surgery expert Dr. Fu Guoyou hospital shocked.Yesterday,abercrombie & fitch, in an interview with reporters, Dr. Fu Guoyou said he initially thought Jiaming is a transsexual patients,parajumpers paris, but after in-depth understanding, he was not an ordinary Jiaming found for the United States, his request could not cosmetic Technology can solve completely, it is recommended to evaluate their psychological expert psychological state. Hospital specially invited CCTV “psychological interview” special expert,pjs doudoune, renowned expert Professor Tian Yahua gender barriers to Jiaming conducted psychological diagnosis and counseling. Final confirmation Jiaming is normal male psychological characteristics, sexual identity disorder does not exist,hogan outlet, that is, we often say with transgender people are two different things, he is completely out of the need for the United States to stage performances.Expert consultation will implement his micro-plasticTaking into account the normal male Jiaming mental state, the group decided to use the current popular micro-plastic with a combination of laser skin to achieve Jiaming “transgender” a star dream. Dr. Fu Guoyou said: “Jiaming performance schedule is tight arrangements.