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Lv Moumou recruited “staff” on the Internet disguised as women, to take QQ, micro-channel chat with friends, “date”, etc., will offer its lure male friends meet to specify the bar,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, inferior wine labeled with high fraud, extortion.In just six months, the victim of more than 200 people, suspected fraud amounting to about $ 300,000.June 2013, Kunming Guandu district levels, public security organs dispatched elite police set up a “vicious fraud gang 6.28” task force, to commence investigation of the case work.Task force after nearly two months of careful investigation,christian louboutin shoes, basic grasp of the gang’s internal structure and personnel division: Lv Moumou responsible for the overall management, under the “keyboard player”, “wine prop female”, “waiter” and other staff composition . “Keyboard player” exclusively use QQ disguise Looking for targets of crime, “wine care women” by hand management, responsible for meeting with the victim and to the designated place for the high consumption. “Waiter” responsible in the bar as “wine care women” service, acting as the event of consumer disputes “thugs”,escarpin louboutin, violence, coercion, “collaborate with each other,” and other means to commit the crime.The evening of July 29,chaussure louboutin, the task force by the careful deployment, mobilization of police, respectively,barbour femme, in the field of high-tech zones and gold, high-tech zones classic Twins, Guandu District Star Road Star Yao Huiyuan, Guandu District Road Star Yao Tsinghua four locations simultaneous catch fishing operations, successfully arrested 27 suspects and seized 28 sets of crime computer, seized 42 mobile phones of crime, seized two books.On that day, in which 25 suspects were under criminal detention.Micro-channel into new tools of crimeYongkang City,abercrombie, Zhejiang Public Security Bureau official website of “hidden dangers analyze micro-channel universal alert triggered” said, “micro-channel” as a new tool for crime.

” The professor went identification Dendrochronology Shenyang Agricultural University, Zhen cite says, “I get it back The samples were analyzed in more than hundred years old, the average age is. “The oldest trees in an age estimated to be 400 years old, you need three people to encircle, and general Acer mono only so thick thighs.Suspected Qing large house plantSuch a large group of trees is how did it? Will and Liao tombs have anything to do next? Professor Chen introduction, when he went to inspect feel the same way,parajumpers homme, but from the analysis of samples taken back, and there is no correlation between the two. “This may be the Qing Dynasty rich family living here in a private cemetery planting gardens, Acer mono rarely concentrated growth, unless it is artificially planted, plus the age of these trees are similar,air max pas cher pour femme, I think this is a private man planted the possibility of relatively large cemetery. “Currently, for this one group of rare trees, leafy town station Faku County has implemented a clear shortage, made up, fencing, grazing and other measures to protect them.It is reported that Taiwan leafy town also plans to build a tourist route,air max pas cher pour homme, make Shenyang citizens have the opportunity to witness a rare century-old maple’s landscape. “Acer mono in October to see the most beautiful. In future, we plan to put in and around the ancient maple Liao tombs.

ancient caves, badger hole wetlands are linked together, to build a large tourist area.”Bei Guo, Li Liao Shen Evening News reporter thatAcer mono leafThere are a dozen colorsAcer mono is a rare species, mainly distributed in Northeast China, North China and the provinces, Mongolia, Korea and Japan also have distributed the Yangtze River Basin, many born in elevation slopes or valley in woodland 800 ~ 1500m. Acer mono only highly ornamental, and the whole tree is a treasure, a very important ecological role, Oriental white stork, golden eagles and other rare birds breeding habitat areas.After the autumn frost,giuseppe zanotti, according to their different ages, different Laonen leaves,christian louboutin outlet, leaves of different colors,chaussure tn pas cher, is the old with a tree branch and shoots above color is also quite different, often tree Acer mono, blade can separate the dark red, red, light red, orange, orange, rhubarb,barbour paris, light yellow,hollister femme, light green, dark green, a dozen colors.”Micro-letter” a new type of criminal toolsKunming police destroyed a large wine care fraud gangYunnan Network (Reporter Yang Hui) “lonely, who love” and “would like to add you as a friend.” … In the past six months, a blank room Tsinghua D9 fourth floor, and five or six young men disguised as women every day on the Internet to find “prey.” “Ganging up” after the success of the other party to specify the bar lure to poor wine labeled with high fraud, extortion.Recently, Yunnan urban tertiary network security departments to mobilize more than 100 police smashed to LvMou net forces led by King wine care fraud involving gangs, Detention 25 people and seized 28 sets of computers committing the crime, seized 42 mobile phones and books 2.Wine holder lure men to go to bars to inferior wine extortion customerAccording to the briefing,abercrombie, early May 2013, the Kunming City Bureau found evil network involving fraud gang together clues in the work, the Guandu Branch investigation found: to suspect criminal gang led by star Yao Road in Kunming Guandu District set up a group called “luke” bar.

the vast majority of users without vigilance, it is difficult to find a potential crisis.According to the investigation, outlaws the use of “micro-letters” fraud, robbery, rape cases have occurred.Micro-channel team released data show that as of the evening of January 15, 2013, micro-channel registered users has exceeded 300 million mark. Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences researcher Xiu-mode analysis, “shake” as a new dating chat software,christian louboutin shoes, a shake flash can search for and view people in the vicinity, both convenient and low cost,abercrombie outlet, it has a unique appeal, greatly enriched and expand relationships. However,cheap louboutins shoes, this also gives part of the users, especially the weak awareness of female students and young women bring trouble even dangerous.”Analysis of hidden dangers caused by the popularity of micro-channel alert” shows that the use of “micro-channel” crime has four characteristics: suspects are often dressed.