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often make do with eating two meals of bread to eat noodles.Provincial People’s Hospital physician Guo Ying introduced blood, Qi Chun will be checked when the disease has been particularly dangerous. Was diagnosed as “acute myeloid leukemia M1”, 11 months, experienced remission induction, consolidation therapy, maintenance therapy is currently in phase in a stable condition,Giuseppe Zanotti Pas Cher, but may recur at any time. If not caused by a bone marrow transplant relapse, the patient will have life-threatening. The reporter ChonThe day before yesterday night,christian louboutin paris, a guy with head injuries to Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Hospital.

and is particularly serious.” Qi Chun will be admitted to the Provincial People’s Hospital. When was diagnosed with leukemia when Cheng Xiaofeng can not believe how this is true. But his wife usually look just like a deer ah!Although critically ill patients, but together with his will spring will affect the other patients. Provincial People’s Hospital physician Guo Ying speak blood,requin tn pas cher, bone marrow biopsy done every time, although doing local anesthesia, but it is certainly painful,tn, can spring be all together happily singing to cooperate with the inspection.The first few checks, Cheng Xiaofeng not bear to look down, quietly hiding in the corner and ran out in tears.Matron Jiao Hongxia said Qi Chun will cheerful optimism,nike tn 2014, although chemotherapy particularly uncomfortable, but as long passed, and she was talking and laughing,air max 90 pas cher, but also concerned about other patients,air max pas cher, someone else to draw. In the hospital, she did not forget that they are teachers,chaussure louboutin, but also to help those young patients homework.Surgery has become a huge cross is not the past KanerHospitalized at the beginning, Cheng Xiaofeng afraid to tell his wife confirmed the results. He begged the medical staff at the registration card and other places to put the code.

Really impressed,nike air max pas cher, and asked how she kind of illness, she just said okay. Really hope that teachers will be able to get well soon, her baby child really need she was … “When bone marrow biopsy she sang her husband hiding in the corner cryingQi spring will feel more and more tired body,air max pas cher femme, her husband in the field due to injury treatment, she could only tell her husband via SMS.December 14, 2010 SMS:. “Cheng,nike tn, recently dizziness, fatigue, pale eyes, severe anemia preliminary judgment, but I do not know which type to go check Seoul, it is estimated not check out.”December 17, 2010 message: “peak tomorrow morning to two hospital routine, painful death, to go flat road are out of breath, fainting really afraid, afraid.”Hancheng Mining doctors new king, and Qi Chun will be all the same school from primary to high school. She said that last December, Qi Chun will tell her anemia, she let Qi spring will come examination, “I doubt that she was acute anemia.

the doctor on duty at the time for him to see the wound,tom ford shoes, was hit by the guy beaten meal. Yesterday, the Modern Express Reporter survey that was playing injured was a middle-aged doctor surnamed Xu, injury is not heavy, beating the guy is a drunk, when he came to the emergency room that night, head injuries bloodstream than, but wounded strangers when doctors for medical treatment. It is understood, Zhenjiang Municipal Public Security Bureau has accepted the case and launched investigations.He Siyi CorrespondentModern Express reporter Linqing Zhi Wen / photoPrepare the patient bandaged wound was beaten”Zhenjiang City People’s Hospital, a doctor was beaten!” Yesterday morning, at the Zhenjiang local forum, several users post, said the day before yesterday night,air max pas cher femme, Zhenjiang City People’s Hospital, a doctor was wounded, you can see in the pictures uploaded by users in to the hospital emergency room is a mess, blood everywhere on the ground.Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the Modern Express Zhenjiang Municipal People’s Hospital emergency department. One emergency room physician on duty told reporters folks, does have a doctor was beaten. Hospital inpatient ward, the reporter saw a doctor Xu was beaten. Xu was in bed drips,air max femme pas cher, his right eye, neck injuries.Xu told reporters that the incident that night, he was on duty in the emergency department surgeon, around 23:40, a guy bleeding head injury is the companion to the emergency room,nike tn 2014, he was covered with alcohol.”He entered the hospital feels very manic. He has been in his mouth to speak, to listen to his accent is not Zhenjiang, probably meaning that people do not touch him.

hit the pin, eat the medicine, he regarded the label torn off in advance. In a time of chemotherapy, Qi Chun will be aware of their condition.Because it is intermittent treatment, plus costs,peuterey spaccio, they reluctantly returned home. One morning, while her husband to buy food on the occasion, Qi Chun pulls out a certificate of diagnosis. Opened it and felt dizzy,barbour france, she tore the diagnosis proved. Tears, also burst-like emission.Nurse again notice that pay the hospital bills. Cheng Xiaofeng penniless units had to help.They family was not good, take no more money. Sangshuping high school twice fundraiser, raising to more than 6000 yuan; Mulberry Town committees and governments have called for donations,toms outlet, raised to 7,000 yuan.But the money required for bone marrow transplant more than 50 million cost, a drop in the bucket. To save money, Cheng Xiaofeng in Xi’an escort year.