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belly bulging Lao Gao,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, also thought to be pregnant.”Last Sunday 20:00 o’clock,parajumpers homme, Taizhou Hospital emergency department admissions of a surname single female patient. Nurse on duty said that when she was pale, sweating,moncler, generalized edema,zanotti pas cher, has been in a coma.Family members said she was eating support.According to family members described the day before the female patient to eat rice cakes, stomach has been a bit uncomfortable.That afternoon, she ate a lunch of noodles, and then start eating something while watching TV. From 12:00 to 17:00, she wasted no time eating potato chips, popcorn, egg rolls,tn, melon seeds, drank a lot of water.The dinner hours, her bloating badly, went for a walk in a circle of no use, followed by the beginning of the stomach, lying for a while, consciousness began to blur. See the situation right, the family immediately drove to a single lady to the hospital.”It was a normal digestion treatment has been unable to help her, hospital patients into the operating room immediately.” Said the nurse on duty.Her stomach, stretch to 20 timesIn the operating room, the patient’s doctor to open the abdominal cavity.They see is an expansion to have 20 times the normal “giant stomach.” Because make it too big,christian louboutin, the stomach is already so thin almost transparent. “Normal people’s stomach is the position in the ribs below the point.

as well as the parking lot owners and other items with cardboard to block the wheels to prevent the dog pee in front of the tire.Dog piss,nike tn 2014, the consequences really so serious? Henan Chinese Commercial News reporters Zi Xun and Le Xiangguan experts.Zhengzhou Animal Husbandry Engineering, specifically teachers, the right of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Kay said,hollister outlet, because of the different metabolic each dog, urine pH is different,chaussure louboutin pas cher, but basically radiate acidic or alkaline, although corrosive, but very limited, “basically not manifest corrosion on the tire.”Zhengzhou an auto 4S shops trainers Guo-Jun Liu expressed heard this saying, but “in Zhengzhou because dog urine and causing a puncture and not heard.”He speculated that such a statement may be based on the dog urine contains an acidic or alkaline substances.

Western Network(Original title: The Courier slapped parties were inexplicable police invesHenan Chinese Commercial News reporter Tong CunruiOn the microblogging heat transfer, after the dog pee red tires, urine will corrode the tires,tn air max 2014 pas cher, which led to a puncture.This statement was talking a lot of people. Really so serious?Experts said that corrosion of the tire dog urine is almost negligible. Prevent puncture, to check tire pressure and tire wear on a regular basis.Yesterday,abercrombie pas cher, on Sina Weibo, a “comparable uric acid rain dog,moncler sito ufficiale, beware of winter tires acidification” microblogging, causing many users attention.The microblogging cited “professionals” viewpoint, the big dog uric acid, corrosive tires or wheels,hollister uk sale, accelerated aging tire wall, causing a puncture, slow leak and other security issues.Henan Business Daily reporter inquiries found that dog urine corrosion tire saying, as early as a few years ago have spread online.

have an impact on the tire and the rim of the seal,nike france, resulting in deterioration of sealing,chaussure zanotti, leak, “but the probability is not, I am in this industry Ten years have not encountered before. “Previously, Zhengzhou Vocational and Technical College automotive one expert has said dog urine impact of car tires is minimal, negligible. “Dog urine is generally less, and dried fast, volatile, limited time to stay in the tire.”In Guo-Jun Liu seems puncture occurs, because most of the time the tire pressure is too low,barbour paris, resulting in a puncture accidents at high speeds.This view was a lot of people agree, the Internet has a flat tire information professionals released by the tire-voltage high-speed movement when they do, the rubber will be a lot of internal heat generation, resulting in tire temperature, and mechanical properties of rubber at high temperatures will sharp decline in strength is reduced, so that a puncture.Insiders said the relevant recommendations of a vehicle regularly check tire pressure and tire wear, tire or rim was found damaged or other unusual circumstances appear to take timely measures,hogan, this is an effective preventive measure puncture.And how to prevent dog not to pee on the tires? Zhengzhou introduce a pet hospital staff, which depends mainly on training the dog’s owner, “the owner with the dog every day to fixed locations,nike tn officiel, training dogs regularly targeted defecation.”(Original title: dog urine comparable to acid rain, will lead to a flNoodles, potato chips, popcorn, egg rolls, seeds …This is food residue Taizhou Hospital doctors come to seek treatment from a woman in the stomach removed.After the woman eating lunch from 12:00 to 17:00, five hours non-stop eating snacks, drank a lot of water, resulting in acute gastric dilatation, was rushed to hospital.In the operating room, doctors removed from her stomach food, filled with two washbasins.Ate five hours before the unconscious woman”Her family sent her to come when I see her body thin and small.