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With the escalation of conflict of urban traffic, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other large cities increasingly into a “city block” dilemma, many studies came congestion charging.Government fees impulse, the public is caught smell “fee” the mere mention of anxiety. Public policy making, with or without soliciting public opinion, to absorb the wisdom of the public? Received a fee, whether or not able to fresh air, roads open? If the fee is not obvious effect, compared to the priority charge,barbour pas cher, whether there are more pressing problems to solve priority?From the limited license,chaussures louboutin, limited line to the charges, departments more than a “final word”September 2, Beijing issued “Clean Air Action Plan,” congestion charge levied on the agenda. Charging decision rule blocking the way, caused a lot of controversy discussion.It was felt that, as the capital, congestion charging has more than 5.3 million vehicles a vehicle can reduce the intensity of use, ease traffic congestion. But more people caught in a “charge anxiety.” Lead to congestion in the end what is the reason? Charges can play a useful role? If the action is not.

procedures omissions, public opinion is inevitable.Behind the introduction of the congestion charge, the public and experts interpret the city manager revealed fees impulse. Some people think that in order to rule blocking charges, is reasonable, yet to be clarified.Beijing car owners Mr. Han said the car tax, car still make payments, the tax burden on the owners of the highest in the world China. Currently the country are advocating “tax reform”, and now still have to add the administrative fee, is not a duplicate charge?Furthermore,barbour france, the social compensation fee, traffic fines, airport construction fees, levied when a lot of reasons, to the information disclosure also secretive, and then to impose social costs of congestion, how convincing?Vein global “city block” disease “card limit” is not the only prescription“Congestion charge” why a growing number of national government departments concerned? Both charges, as well as government blocked precedent for reference. Since the 1970s, Singapore’s first open toll measure, London, Stockholm and New York and other US “super city block” followed suit.But an easy man to ignore the fact that,air max pas cher pour femme, although the domestic and urban car ownership rate is not low, but very different use efficiency. Domestic cars with mileage,zanotti, low speed, potential traffic fine management and urban rail construction has not digging to do, but it is abroad in public facilities quite perfect, almost no trick available after only congestion charge.Experts point out that the disease varies because of the city.

the congestion charge is not a cure-all. Premise congestion charging is convenient public transportation, improve related, in order to guide public green travel.Currently, the population size and the planning of large-scale domestic urban expansion, a lot of young people live in the suburbs and work in the city, on the huge demand for commuter traffic facilitation, but far from the bus to keep supporting. In Shanghai, for example,zanotti pas cher, the average daily car mileage over 38 kilometers.

on the basis of charges can not open and transparent, charges may be reduced to fatten tools.Back in 2010, the face of increasingly severe “blocking potential”,parajumpers femme, the Guangzhou Municipal CPPCC members have proposed a congestion charge; to this end Guangzhou SEC repeatedly proposed to conduct research on the charges, but frequently lead to strong public opinion against it. So far, there is no fee schedule Guangzhou.All the people pay for the congestion charge,orecchini tiffany, not because of local government departments bear responsibility for management and planning mistakes, but so get rewarded charges. Is also encourage the government does not act, arbitrary charges? This is an important reason for a lot of Guangzhou residents oppose.More than a decade, the domestic “to card-based” rule blocking policies are rolled out, now north of Guangzhou and other cities to implement all of the restriction policy,barbour homme, many car buyers can only hope “brand” sigh; in control of the vehicle use, a lot of the city implemented a different intensity limit line,barbour france, the outer limits and other measures; raise parking fees, increasing variety of markets outside the licensing traffic enforcement, political line blocking measures are not uncommon.But reporters comb found,barbour pas cher, over the years, from a limited license to restricting the number of policies, such as rule blocking,parajumpers paris, listening to the views of society,christian louboutin shoes, public process to develop a small, government departments the final word,doudoune parajumpers, Thunder action more, take the hearing procedure is rare,nike store, only Guangzhou “outer limit” measures hearings.Experts pointed out that congestion charging rule blocking measures against such a long process, involving almost all traffic participants. This should not,moncler, can not close,air jordan, public policy should fully listen to attract the public, so that policy makers and the public to participate fully in the discussion of the question to thin, think through, to think clearly. If the government “Clap” set of policies.