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and struggling to swim to the drowning.

is the principal,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, following any longer.The sixty-year-old president, is very famous in education circles, because trained numerous outstanding student; education is also very well known outside of the circle,giubbotti moncler, because every day to students in the cafeteria Dafan, is the most widely popular transferred “hit rice president. “Dafan president personally to the students, was started in 2004, and now has more than 9 years.Millan high school was just moved to its present site, a lot of students live on campus the first time to experience life. “So great little kids leaving parents, 7 days a week, there are five night at the school. I,hollister france, as president, should bear more responsibility points, more concerned to know them.” Following any long thought,barbour femme, and care about the students most direct way that went to the middle they go, for example to the cafeteria Dafan see if they eat good; for example, every Sunday at the entrance to the school to meet the children …Millan high school student cafeteria has three floors. At the beginning.

the president of the students who started in the second floor to play breakfast. For a year, the first day students admitted to the first two days, went to the third floor of the cafeteria to eat,hollister, and the principal is still the second floor Dafan. Say habit, these two days of student aptitude when eating habits around the 1st window,pjs doudoune, see the principal,chaussure jordan, somewhat lost, that the students who started the eccentric headmaster. There are a few brave when met at the campus principal, direct comments: “how can you just give principals who started Dafan, do not give us fight?”A week later, he was following the canteen on the 1st floor.

Powell left rear foot was on the student misses: “Any brother Dafan come bacApplause again and again, from the report of the Chamber of Architecture and Technology, Xi’an outgoing – Xi’an, Shaanxi Province “moral model into the campus’ first report is being held here.22-year-old sophomore Wushu Jiang podium,barbour homme, with the plain language about the tragic death of his father save lives drowning child seven days, he decided to jump into the icy pond in a car accident rescued two drowning process.Students were impressed, and again after the applause given to the 90 heroes.Wushu Jiang,christian louboutin discount, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology College sophomore. In recent days, his heroic deeds in Shaanxi university widespread.Two passers-by jumped into the ice save livesFebruary 2 this year, in the afternoon, being Jianyang, Sichuan Province Wang Lan Village margin Township home over winter break , and brother,basket louboutin femme, uncle came home contracting ponds along beside finishing nets. Cement ponds beside the road, and galloped off vehicles from time to time,barbour homme, through the depths of the mountains located in the village.Are hard at work in Wushu Jiang, suddenly heard not far from the sound while the emergency brake. When looked up to see a car roll into the pond next to the road, overturned, slowly sinking.Something went wrong, and quickly save! Wushu Jiang as he ran to the scene, while the coat off.Situation is extremely critical of the accident scene, a drowning man effortlessly drilled car,abercrombie femme, panic helplessly struggling in deep water.No time to reflect, Wushu Jiang jumped more than two meters deep ponds.

now grow the window and began to play the first two days three days of student dinner.Millan high school students and parents are aware of the principal component of most foot Dafan also always ask: “These are enough to pay for it not to add points??” In fact,chaussure louboutin, in addition to the phrase mantra, either following the long and students will talk a few words: small the food is not fit appetite, large amount of work much more than the teacher there Tuotang … as long as students’ questions did exist, he would soon be resolved.Such teacher-student interaction, so that other teachers are very envious. By “any man” infection,hollister soldes, spontaneous student cafeteria to help teachers more, secretary Xu Qingqing, more and more “volunteer teachers” Xue Ying,abercrombie pas cher, vice president appeared … cafeteria, student privately said they “Xu sister” “Xue sister” …Dafan, so the behavior of an individual principals,parajumpers homme, school teacher became the collective behavior.”I was mainly responsible for soy sauce.” Yesterday met a vice president, she was very careful to introduce from their own work in the cafeteria,barbour pas cher, as soy sauce, the taste of her school many students are now crystal clear. See a student walking toward seasoning Department, she can even distinguish what a love Tim soy sauce, vinegar, which likes to point, which again like they add soy sauce and vinegar. She said: “Now do not go to the cafeteria busy, by the way,doudoune pjs, and the students talk, always felt something was lacking.”Rector Dafan played nine years, people have been saying he was putting on a show. Just words, Millan says parents are not, because they think the principal is really good for their children. This does not, his trip last Friday.