Gold Crusher Characteristics and Technical Advantages

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Our company produce high-performance pew jaw crusher, hydraulic European version of the impact crusher, hydraulic cone crusher of gold ore crusher for sale in the market, which can bear the gold ore from coarse to fine processing of pre-processing, and Because the material is excellent and reliable, greatly improving the life of such gold ore crusher and working years, is the intention of many gold ore processing technology customers.

Characteristics and Technical Advantages of Gold Ore Crusher
1. broken than large, high production efficiency
Will be a higher speed and stroke combination, so crusher rated power and through the ability to greatly improve the crushing ratio and production efficiency. The hydraulic cone crusher will be broken stroke, crushing speed and crushing cavity shape of the perfect combination of design, than the old spring conical broken yield 35% to 60%.

2. laminated crushed, finished granule excellent
Through the use of intergranular lamination principle design of the special crushing chamber and match the speed, instead of the traditional single particle crushing principle, to achieve the selective separation of materials, significantly improved product fines ratio and cube content, a large degree On the reduction of needle-like material.

3. hydraulic protection and hydraulic clearance, a high degree of automation, reduce downtime
Hydraulic adjustment discharge port and overload protection to make the crusher operation level is greatly improved, making maintenance easier, more convenient operation, shorter downtime; cone crusher two-way iron release hydraulic cylinder can let the iron through the crushing chamber , The machine in the event of iron and instantaneous boring in the case, can be hydraulic, automatic nesting, greatly reducing the original spring cone crusher to be shut down for artificial discharge of the troubles, and many other manufacturers of crusher Over the iron stuck and shut down.

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