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Gold ore crusher with the most advanced international crushing technology and manufacturing level, can be hard, strong abrasive of various minerals and rocks for efficient coarse and broken.

Structure Of The Gold Ore Crusher
The gold ore crusher has a unique design such as a detachable, non-welded structural frame, optimized cavity type structure, double wedge adjustment device, superior raw materials and components, elastic limit shock absorber, integrated motor base and so on. , Low investment costs, long life, efficient and stable, will become the world’s most popular gold crusher.

Gold Ore Crusher Performance Characteristics
1. Crushing ratio, high production efficiency, high yield, good grain size.
2. Easy maintenance, easy to use
3. shorter downtime
4. Reasonable structure, broken principle and technical parameters Advanced, reliable operation, low operating costs All parts of the crusher are wear protection, maintenance costs will be reduced to a lower limit, the general life can be increased by more than 30%.
5. A variety of crushing cavity type, to meet a wide range of product size requirements
6. By using the special crushing chamber designed by the intergranular lamination principle and matching the rotating speed, instead of the traditional single particle crushing principle, the selective fragmentation of the material is realized, and the ratio of the product frit and the cube content are greatly improved. To a large extent reduce the needle-like material.

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