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Gold ore crusher machine is a specialized equipment, gold ore crusher  has very high scientific and technological content, it  is often used in gold ore production line, which is an important equipment in the production line.

The customer is a Malaysia mining boss, from my company has acquired PE600*900 jaw crusher, CSB160 spring cone crusher, jaw crusher, and 2YA1860 vibrating screen.

Gold Ore Production Situation

Daily operation: 7-8 hour

[feed]: gold ore

[finished product]: gold powder

Price of Gold Ore Crusher

Price is related to many factors. These factors can cause a great fluctuation of equipment price:
1, quality: high quality equipment, the price will be high, because such equipment cost will be greater, so the quality and price is closely linked.

2, Performance: stable performance of equipment will be higher reliability, such equipment can be better used for users, and thus lead to higher prices of equipment.

3, geographical location: if the location of the manufacturer is more favorable, so that it can provide the greatest convenience for the transport of equipment, so its price will decline.

Gold Ore Crusher Advantage
In addition to the price of equipment to meet the actual purchase needs of users, the equipment itself is also a lot of advantages:

1, its crushing ratio is very large, this is a measure of broken equipment discharge is even physical quantity, so compared with traditional equipment, its discharge more uniform, delicate.

2, the high output of equipment in order to create more value-added returns for users, and its production capacity is very large, so output, capacity to meet user needs.

3, this crusher automation level is very high, and the operation is more simple and convenient, this move for the user, it reduces the difficulty of equipment use.

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