Gold Ore Processing Plant

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Gold is a precious metal used to make practical and decorative works. Gold ore crusher mill can be divided into two kinds of wet grinding and dry grinding. Open circuit grinding and closed circuit grinding are to be used for different purposes. Our engineers will be required to design different grinding lines for your gold ore grinding. The most popular grinding mills are ball mill, Raymond mill, vertical roller mill and ladder mill.

Gold Ore Crushing Process: the large raw material gold ore is fed by the hopper vibration, so that it can be injected into the jaw crusher uniformly and gradually. After the first grinding, the material is transported to the cone crusher by a belt conveyor, and then is broken for two times. The crushed gold ore is transferred to the vibrating screen for sorting. After separation, the part that meets the standard will be transferred as the final product, while the others will be returned to the cone crusher to form a closed circuit. The size of the final product can be assembled and graded according to your specific requirements.

Fine gold ore can be melted, cast, and cast into various shapes and made into jewelry. Gold is also used in many industries. Many electronic equipment and medical equipment rely on the conductivity and corrosion resistance of gold. The gold content in the ore is very low. In order to extract gold, the ore must be processed by the gold mine processing plant. In this process, many gold mining equipment, such as gold refining and refining equipment, is used, but first the ore must be crushed and then separated from the ore..

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