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In 2012, the GDP growth is expected to target in 7.5% but it does not mean that our government will reduce the investment in infrastructure construction. The United States currently is still not out of the financial crisis and debt crisis in Europe continues to ferment, the entire world is looking forward to seeing China drive the development of international economy.

Last years, it is predicted that the future of quarry crusher industry is still bright according to the rapid development of China economy especially the economic growth exceeded 10% in the vast central and western part of China. It is estimated that government will spend two trillion Yuan on project construction. It undoubtedly brings golden development for engineering machinery.

Transportation construction is the current focus in western region. According to the “twelfth five-year plan”, there is still huge development space in the urbanization construction and transportation in Midwest. With the area rejuvenation, the increasing investment in high-speed highway, special railway lines, affordable housing construction and water conservancy construction as well as the engineering construction such as the rural road traffic improvement in order to keep the rapid development of the local economy. All of these projects are bound to bring great needs for gravel; thus it will bring new opportunity to crusher industry and maybe the other spring for crusher industry.

For crusher industry, it is not only opportunity but also challenge. In current days, crusher market varies greatly especially a lot of professional engineering machinery enterprise turn to the crusher industry, which is bound to bring various cutthroat competitions and is adverse for the healthy development of the whole crusher industry. Confronted with the current opportunity and challenge, SBM which is considered as the professional crusher manufacturer has been committed to pursuing innovation, quality and development in order to create refulgence in crusher industry.

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