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from Maroo,Griffin Survivor.

It looks like it was a fun day out testing the protective capabilities of Maroo’s iPad case, although we should add here “don’t try this at home” – leave the extreme testing to the team from Maroo!
SG Bumper Technology
Maroo tasked themselves with creating an iPad case that provided great protection,griffin survivor case, especially on the corners as well as finding a suitable material so that the iPad could be easily removed or put in the case while remaining secure.

These design goals resulted in the SG Bumper Technology,griffinsurvivorcases, SG very appropriately referring to Safe Guard! The four-corner bumper design wraps around the back of iPad case and thanks to the choice of TPU material, the iPad can be easily removed or placed within the case. Good work all round from Maroo as demonstrated in the !
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So we’re definitely not advocating everybody rushes out and catapults their new iPad or iPad 2 into a garden down the street but the video does demonstrate the great protection offered by the SG Bumper Technology, which forms the backbone of the . You can check out the range of cases available from Covers and Cases online.