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To improve the latest technology for our product and make the most elite product for our users, * following tightly the development of the industry,especially introduced the most advanced DVT250X16/16 Q-NC type 2.5 M CNC double column vertical lathe, recently tested success in the east of zhongyuan road factory. The lathe will help the key parts of our crushergrinding mill and sand making machine have a better precision of the used concrete batching plant for sale production process,this marks our factory has into a new era of digital manufacture.
The numerical control operation parts, higher precision, technology more perfect, the product more outstanding. from it into our factory to the installation and commissioning, and then to the first try success , it is only cost 40 days.The leadership and related technical people fight night and day at the scene, makes every effort to the commissioning equipment optimization, let the equipment for product production should play a utility to produce a more accurate equipment to meet the needs of users.
The official opening of the digital equipment opened our factory production scale new glimpses, the vertical lathe operated by our experienced technology personnel who has many years in operating numerical control. at the beginning,Mainly used in the various types of cone crusher turnkey dolomite crushing plant adjustment sets and HGM type three-ring micro powder loop of a bruised processing, the outsourcing before all into high precision production itself, greatly improved my factory for product quality and the processing cycle control ability.
The introduction of the copper mining equipment south africa high precision CNC double column vertical lathe have advanced structure complete function characteristics, realized the high efficiencyhigh precisionstable operation and reliable operation convenient production requirements, the main performance index reached the domestic leading level, its precision index reached the leading level of the world. the qualified rate of the finished products produced by this kind of high-end devices has beed greatly improved,but also further established the "fashioning" role of our factory in the industry that match quility and excellent.